Saturday, July 31st, 2021

The LEGO Group announced that its first LEGO CON will be broadcast later this month

This is an important month for video games, but another company that will host a special event in June is Lego. In a post on the official website, the LEGO Group announced that its first LEGO CON will be held on June 26, with a total duration of 90 minutes.

Fans can look forward to live entertainment, world-first reveals, behind-the-scenes visits, construction attempts that have never been tried, and some “very special” guests. This is something new and it will be played online at Lego House (House of Building Blocks) in Billund, Denmark.

So, for video game fans, what are its benefits?Well, as you can see in the trailer above, all your favorite suits will be there, including those based on video games, such as Super Mario with my world. Maybe we will even get some other Nintendo suits.The LEGO Group may also plan to share some information about the upcoming (but delayed) LEGO Star Wars: Legend of Skywalker game:

Once again, the LEGO CON live broadcast will start on June 26th at 5pm in the UK/12pm in New York/9am in Los Angeles. In some related news, earlier this week, Lego unveiled the Lego game that will land on Nintendo Switch later this month. You can read more about it in our previous article.

Will you watch the first LEGO CON on the official website? Would you like to see any announcements related to video games? How about the Nintendo theme? Leave a comment below.