Sunday, June 13th, 2021

The Legend of Zelda: The connection between the worlds heralds the breath of great changes in the wild-special

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To celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, we have run a series of features that focus on specific aspects-themes, characters, mechanics, locations, memories, or other content from each mainline Zelda game. Today, Kate marvels at “The Link Of Worlds” (The Link Of Worlds) disguised as a bunch of major changes…

When I first played the link between the worlds, I was also the link between the worlds. When I was a child, I played one-sixth of “Links to the Past” and couldn’t cross the first temple, but after about 20 hours of insertion in the Hyrule world from top to bottom, I realized it was like The back of my hand. In the first few minutes of “The Connection Between Worlds”, I was full of nostalgia, like a donut full of memory jam, but for a game I was too bad to complete, it almost felt like a kind of Unearthed nostalgia.

Fortunately, the “connection between the worlds” does not only depend on your fondness of your predecessor, vague memories-it is entirely your own business. With the ingenious mechanism of “links are the current drawings”, a new world of possibilities is opened-largely related to two dimensions, but given that we currently have six mainline Paper Mario games, this is not a limitation.

ALTTP and ALBW: Home of Links©Nintendo/Nintendo Life

But this is not a comment. We have done one of them. You haven’t come here to hear the fact that “the connection between the worlds is a good thing”-it came out ten years ago, you already know it. You are here because we have been talking about the Legend of Zelda game in weird and interesting ways to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the series. So, besides introducing Ravio, the jingle of thinkers, what else can the “connection between the worlds” bring?

The obvious answer is that, like middle-aged millionaires, ALBW really likes the idea of ​​renting a house. In real life, you must pay for the use of the following tools: used Free-of-charge may be a reason to send a stern letter to the local council (or at least the topic of angry tweets). In the Zelda game, it is a real game changer.

ALTTP and ALBW: the main sword©Nintendo/Nintendo Life

Suddenly, the world is your oyster, and you just rented six different peeling equipment. You don’t need to follow the Zelda order to operate one by one dungeon, without unlocking the hammer, you can use a magnifying glass to smash the boulders that can enter the dungeon, thereby helping you to see the small dungeon with Triforce, or anything. Now you can directly enter any dungeon you want! You are not my father, Cannon!

Now, I don’t want Tom Nuuk to go all out, but renting items is a great motivation for Link’s adventure. Suddenly, the rupee has meaning again, because the rupee can be used to rent more items, and even can be purchased directly in the end.Of course, rent is good for landlord itemlord is much more important than renters, but not just a motive for wealth, so you Can be the owner of an item? Uh uh. Between Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda, I began to think that Nintendo’s games were just secret landlord propaganda.

ALTTP and ALBW: climbing stairs©Nintendo/Nintendo Life

The best part about the connection between the worlds (and, I often hear someone yelling in every hand-held Legend of Zelda after a few sips of beer) is that it is not afraid to play with conventions. My own designer invented.The general public who loves Zelda almost canonized Zelda as a book works, So that now we have a semi-fixed, typical timeline, trying to explain all the meaningless nonsense that happened in all the early games.

Now, I do like Zelda, but for example, the team that made Majora’s Mask doesn’t think so when keeping in mind decades of tradition. I think that many Zelda games, especially the early games that developed in weird directions, may be the result of designers being a little bored with the established formula and wanting to spread their wings a little.

ALTTP and ALBW: ball and chain soldiers©Nintendo/Nintendo Life

But, just like everyone thinks that every tiny detail in “Dark Souls” is full It means that even things like “this door cannot be opened” or “I used debugging code to clamp it into the person’s body and he has eyeballs in his feet”, very much It is great to attribute various things in The Legend of Zelda to the genius of its creator, not just lucky accidents or beautiful mistakes.Don’t get me wrong-there are a lot of very wise design decisions in Zelda games, Nintendo’s designers are some of the best in the world-but that Hyrule Historia large timetable Kind of re-investigating me.

However, when “The Connection Between Worlds” came out, as far as many fans were concerned, “The Legend of Zelda” was a series of mint in a box that had never been opened and placed in a glass box.They won’t like it when it happens different. Remember the teaser trailer of “Windrunner”? Or Skyward Sword…everything?

The puzzling thinking is because, generally speaking, the most popular “Legend of Zelda” game after release does something different, but every time it gets a trailer, it looks like Link (Link ) When wearing green coats of different colors, we will see various hand and foot articles on the game website, worrying that this is a wrong step. Yes, I am almost definitely one of them. Listen, game reporters usually have to extract 2000 words from a single screenshot. We just want to say something interesting, okay?

ALTTP and ALBW: the sacred triangle©Nintendo/Nintendo Life

“The connection between the worlds” not only has the conventional meaning, but also literally needs the children’s sacred memory-the world of “connection with the past”, and begins to move it from the edge of the table like a cat on the table and a glass of water open. It depicts the top of the Hyrule version that we know and love, and shows us that change can actually be not only good, but also completely transformative.

However, the connection between the worlds also marks how much Nintendo might have tried in the pre-Switch era. For all the crazy experiments of the company, new ideas are often explored in the old skin: Phantom Hourglass appears in the Wind Waker world; ALBW is set in exactly the same position as the “link to the past”; Skyward Sword tries to make up for the loopholes in the timeline. Even in other Nintendo series games released at about the same time as ALBW, such as “Super Mario 3D World”, the aesthetics are reassuringly similar. Nintendo’s plan is almost like diving into new things without completely fascinating fans, such as hiding a dog’s pill in a steak.

ALTTP and ALBW: Seven wise men sealed Triforce©Nintendo/Nintendo Life

of course can. “Breath of the Wild”, the next game in the series (or fresh air if you don’t count “Heroes of the Three Forces”), takes place in a whole new world-I mean, it’s Hyrule, but it’s completely open Yes, you can do it in any order. This is a 100% part of the link to “The Connection Between Worlds”. Super Mario Odyssey turned the stars into the moon and brought in a hat buddy, literally turning Mario into a different thing. The changes are frightening, but Nintendo’s experimental 3DS and Wii U games made it easy for us.

Therefore, “the connection between the worlds” is part of Nintendo’s quiet and gentle revitalization of the old film series. Who else trusts your sacred nostalgia more than the person who created it in the first place? Hope (maybe) with the arrival of “Breath of the Wild 2”, we can continue to see this pattern of change, new ideas and zero fear to tear up the past paintings and transform them into brand new collages.