Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

The leaked video appears to provide the first glimpse of Facebook’s Oculus Pro

The new leak from Oculus seems to be the first time I’ve seen the rumored Oculus Pro VR headset. The Verge Report.

Videos and images from Facebook’s server that owns Oculus, First leaked to Reddit Before downloaded by The Verge. The video shows a CG character interacting with a new dark VR headset, participating in activities such as meetings, character customization, and games such as BeatSabre.

The video is CG, but it introduces what looks like full-body motion tracking, a new Oculus Touch-style controller (no ring around the hand), a charging dock, and the Horizontal Workspaces app where users host meetings. increase. Use presentation tools such as 3D images of building blueprints.

A leaked image from Facebook showing what looks like an Oculus Pro headset. Source: Reddit

If Facebook confirms the existence of a pro version of the Oculus Quest headset (which executives have previously teased), it could happen at the next Connect conference where social media companies have previously announced VR hardware. Facebook is also reportedly preparing to change the name of a large company This reflects the work of building the “metaverse”. This is a particularly vague term used by technology leaders to define a future in which brands, users, and technologies share a single, centralized, interconnected platform. In addition to Facebook and Oculus VR hardware, more detailed avatars and features may play a role in Facebook’s metaverse plan.

The only pitfall of the leak is that Facebook’s Reality Labs VP Andrew Bosworth said in April that the company wouldn’t announce Oculus Quest Pro news this year. The Verge report. However, Facebook’s plans are subject to change in the coming months.

The Verge also reported that YouTuber Basti564 told them that the reference to “Oculus Pro” was in recent Oculus Software.according to BAsti564, The leaked video will play during the headset’s initial setup.

Meanwhile, Oculus Quest 2 has received a VR version of Resident Evil 4, which editor Taylor Lyles called “Fresh Take,” one of the most ported games in history.

Joseph Knoop is an IGN writer / producer / VR fan.