Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

The launch of Konami’s miserable eFootball 2022 is a tragedy

Ten years ago, EA indiscriminately attempted to restart the NBA Live Basketball franchise. Since then, this has fallen out of one of the most successful entries to date. The result is the NBA Elite. This was notorious enough to virtually kill the franchise while completely handing over the video game basketball market to the NBA 2K.

At the time, NBA 2K was a very well-received basketball sim. NBA2K11 is often referred to as one of the best sports games ever made, but it didn’t take long for the lack of competition to affect the franchise. Recently, the positive elements of the NBA 2K22 have been buried under product placement and microtransaction avalanches. Because there is no competition, even if fans visit a site like Metacritic and complain, 2K has little incentive to change the way.

Join Konami’s eFootball 2022. This is the latest attempt to restart Pro Evolution Soccer. This time, Winning Eleven is required as a free soccer sim. The results were not good, to say the least. With weird glitches, poor character models, and zombie-like crowds, the Konami eFootball 2022 is effectively a pre-alpha release disguised as a finished product. Insulting the injury is that last year’s release was treated as a placeholder game and fans were asked to sit firmly for a better release in the future. Repulsion is fierce — Konami eFootball 2021 is one of the worst reviewed Steam games ever.

But it’s easy to laugh at Konami Winning Eleven Awesome version of Messi and RonaldoIt’s also difficult not to feel sadness. Konami’s Soccer franchise is more or less dead on arrival, with the exception of the monumental comeback at the Norman’s Sky, or Barcelona vs. PSG level. This gives FIFA a clear field and even deprives the similarity of competition.

“The last nail in the PES casket, a sad day for all of us from now on EA is really zero competition with FIFA, it’s [sic] Ultimate team [b*llshit], “NS Reddit comment I wrote it on the day Konamie Football was released.

Written by another person, “Yeah, this is [f*cking] Guts, PES has returned to FIFA’s legitimate competitors, hoping that this next version will once again be a crossover to a better game of PES … and hear about free-to-play cross-platform. It’s as bad as I was afraid of the phone … “

If you’re a sports fan, it’s a tough landscape. Wasteland with incremental updates, glitchy gameplay, and heavily monetized game modes.


To be fair, PES was a poor competition even before the Konamie Football blunder. The last really great PES game was arguably the 2006 Pro Evolution Soccer 6. It was released a few years before FIFA announced the Ultimate Team and became today’s Jaguar Note. Since then, PES and FIFA have gone in the opposite direction, FIFA has become a true global mega franchise, and PES has retreated to more regional competitors. In another thread, a Reddit commenter commented that Fortnite is the real competitor to FIFA.

“FUT has brought FIFA to a new market and is now competing with other major entertainment IPs built around sustainable services. The development team is still monitoring PES ideas and inspiration. I’m sure, but EA didn’t really care about PES anymore. Apart from the hassle of getting licenses here and there, it does. ” They wrote..

Still, PES had that moment. In recent years, PES has undoubtedly enjoyed the Mini Renaissance, backed by excellent gameplay and widespread opposition to the FIFA Ultimate Team. The lack of licenses was offset by a strong user community that made it easy to download kits and logos to replace common in-game placeholders. It wasn’t enough to overtake FIFA, which surged to nearly $ 1 billion last year, but it wasn’t a bad option for anyone tired of EA’s sweaty pace and loot box mechanics.

But with Konami eFootball 2022, what might have been a big release turned into dozens of ridiculous memes instead, and Konami seems to have wasted all of the hard-earned momentum. Even if it wasn’t the secret to the death of the series, it certainly missed the opportunity to generate some coveted excitement.

At least in the short term, this means that none of the major sports sims have virtually any notable competitors. MLB: Show, NBA 2K, Madden, NHL and FIFA all dominate their respective sports. It’s far from an era when the sports market was full of strong competitors like NFL2K and MVP baseball. Classic arcade sports games like NBA Jam and NFL Blitz have been around for a long time and have been effectively replaced by microtransaction-driven mobile sports titles. If you’re a sports fan, it’s a tough landscape. Wasteland with incremental updates, glitchy gameplay, and heavily monetized game modes. The Konami eFootball tragedy always had a chance to replace FIFA, but it didn’t mean it failed. It is a very symbolic of the state of general sports games.

With no choice to move forward in the field of sports games, FIFA tends to continue like past generations and publish updates with little obvious pressure to truly improve. increase. All you have to do is focus on maximizing your bottom line. This can be achieved by putting more pressure on the players in the FIFA Ultimate Team, and we recognize that there is no other place to make football fixes. In such an environment, the only real option is a football manager.

Some fans have hope Konami can turn things around and come up with a list of suggestions for corrections and more Constructive feedback.. Konami apologized for the state of the eFootball at launch and promised to fix it.

EFootball’s status as a free-to-play soccer sim may be enough to get real viewers and start driving FIFA, at least if it can achieve the same results as previous games. But so far, EA’s Soccer Jaguar Note has no competition, which is bad for everyone but EA.

Kat Bailey is IGN’s Senior News Editor.