Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

The last campfire by the creators of No Man’s Sky has a Steam release date

Hello Games, creator of No Man’s Sky, has revealed that The Last Campfire is coming to Steam next month.

Specifically, a cozy puzzle game will be available on Steam on October 7th. If you’re not sure if TheLastCampfire is right for you, Hello Games will release a playable demo of the game on October 1st as part of SteamNextFest.

“The last campfire was a loving job for a small team in the studio,” read a press release about the announcement. “We’re fortunate to have really nice reviews and lots of awards and nominations overall. It seems to have hit people with emotional chords. Now we’re finally here. Bring it to Steam. ”

Last Campfire is already available on Switch, Apple Arcade, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store, and has been available on these platforms since last year. Released last year at the Epic Games Store, this Steam release isn’t the first time PC players have the opportunity to play games.

However, this is the first chance for anyone who prefers to use Steam when playing PC games. Last Campfire is also better than ever. A lot of new things have been brought in thanks to the new update in April.. To get started, we’ve added 20% more puzzles to the game and added the ability to play the puzzles at any time.

Screenshot of the last campfire

It also brought in many performance improvements, higher frame rate caps, some quality of life improvements, and controller and Mac support.

Last Campfire was developed by a team of three within Hello Games.This is in the studio Man’s Sky hasn’t received regular updates yet.. A puzzle game where lost embers trapped in an unknown place find a way home.

We reviewed The Last Campfire earlier this year and scored 9 out of 10. The idea about this game is IGN’s Last Campfire Review..How to check this story Hello Games is working on a new “huge and ambitious” game afterwards.

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