Monday, May 16th, 2022

The kids we were in offer a switch to a fascinating expedition to Japan in the 1980s

The route to an indie game to reach Switch is very different. One of them is to start on mobile and then arrive at Nintendo’s system with “premium” iterations. Don’t forget Follows its award-winning and highly acclaimed approach on Android and iOS, with a release date January 26 Switch and Steam have been confirmed.

Developed by GAGEX, The Kids We Were is a narrative adventure game with blocky voxel-style visuals-think about it. Tourist But with a more subdued color palette. On mobile, it boasts a high average user review full of comments praising the story, and it sounds like the concept and settings can create a compelling experience. It includes a bit of time travel, a “back to the future” quest, and a setting in the suburbs of Tokyo in the 1980s.

Our story begins with Minato arriving in the small town of Kagami, a very ordinary place in the quiet suburbs of Tokyo.

But this simple trip is more than visible. Minato has a secret purpose. He intends to find a missing father who appears to live somewhere in the area.

Our young detective Minato does not waste time getting started and quickly finds a mysterious clue to his father’s whereabouts. A mysterious note left for him under the name of “Seven Mysteries”.

Using this note as a guide, Minato embarks on a long and difficult journey through time, not in space. His destination is the last 33 years, the day his father and mother first met.

Switch includes the full text of the Android and iOS versions, as well as new bonus episodes and additional collectibles.

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