Sunday, September 19th, 2021

The Kemco publisher sale on the Xbox store offers many games with its huge RPG catalog

Since last year’s publisher sales, we have brought back more awesome books and discounts! This time, we selected some of the best entry-level RPG experiences. These people have not tried various RPGs from the catalog of classic and advanced games.

Since last year, we have been working hard to release new games and encountered many challenges, but due to our reliable RPG production with trusted partners (not that we have a belt conveyor!: Those who are not familiar with this expression People may check it (please refer to our past articles), and with the support of fans, the new RPG is steadily launched without losing our principles and quality standards. Like we said last year, these are strategic game systems and good narrative/drawing, and we think this is essential for a unique RPG experience.

Now back to this point, I find below my personal experience about the title of the book sold this time, which is worth introducing:

The legend of quarters (50% discount)
It is definitely an amazing title, and its plot is full of various characters and exquisite pixel art works. You will love the animated front view battle scenes and sprites around the world.

Monochrome sequence (50% discount)
Although this is a dark subject, it is interesting because you will be an arbitrator and must make judgments every time you encounter chaos. Fate falls entirely on you!

Monochrome sequence

Seeking (50% discount)
The protagonist is a mixture of science fiction and fantasy and cyborg. Don’t worry, you won’t see too many noisy machines expecting interesting parts to power up Izen (heroes)!


Alphadia Genesis (50% discount)
A masterpiece among classic works Alfadia Kemco’s franchise has been updated to include new systems, such as a customizable gem system that can attach skills to characters. This is the first game that combines 2D exploration and 3D combat.

Alphadia Genesis

Heart of Astin II (50% discount)
Maybe you played Heart of Astif During last year’s publisher sales period? Then it’s worth checking its sequel to see how Felix grew up again, or is it still the same?

Heart of Astin II

Arc of time and space (50% discount)
If you like puzzles in dungeons, handmade elements and weird villains, then this one is for you! One of my favorites.

Arc of time and space

The bondage of the sky (50% discount)
If you like turn-based forward-looking combat and you like to work with strange creatures (the elemental gods in the game), then this one is for you.I like

The bondage of the sky

Desperate Saga (50% discount)
A combination of traditional 2D world exploration and advanced 3D combat. Compared with other RPGs, the conversion system makes the battle unique.

Desperate Saga

L’Phalcia’s illusion (50% discount)
Another combination of 2D and 3D experience. The legendary sword can satisfy any wish, but the heroine has a controversial and unique character. Play and tell us what you think!

L'Phalcia's illusion

Frein: Dragon’s Adventure (50% discount)
Dragon, slash! Explore dungeons, handicrafts, upgrade weapons, cook dishes, and wait for a variety of original and colorful characters to satisfy your pursuit in the adventure!

Frein: Dragon's Adventure

Again, never stop paying attention to Kemco’s upcoming titles and offers, because we will not leave you alone, not yet, sir! Good luck in your adventures-only you can save the world!