Saturday, July 31st, 2021

The Japanese Goddess Tensei V trailer is different from Western trailers

The game looks great, but I think the “visual effect is better than P5” is a bit too much. This still seems to be an improvement of SMTIV on 3DS, ported upwards and enhanced for the HD-ish platform. This is not a complaint, it looks good, but I am not sure whether the visual effect is clearer than SMT#FE or P5 in terms of overall, polygonal or texture quality. Textures and lights sometimes seem to be torn from Twilight Princess Remastered, or are very consistent with 3DS games. I’m not saying that it looks like a 3DS game with low resolution and low polygons, but it is clearly a logical extension of IV. Super excited about the game, but don’t be fooled by exaggeration.

I am very happy to have better Japanese trailers. Direct is okay, but due to its nature for all audiences, due to its nature, they can’t really show the game correctly.