Saturday, July 31st, 2021

The Game Builder Garage team draws inspiration from Nodons’ “Idol Group”

© Nintendo

As we have recently emphasized, Nintendo has launched the first in a new series of articles called “Ask the Developer”, which is reminiscent of the great old Iwata Asks format.This First interview Focus on Game Builder Garage, with the participation of game director Naoki Masuda and deputy director Kosuke Teshima. This is a rich and fascinating book, and even includes some “(laughs)”.

One of our favorite parts is related to the origin of the Nodon character. These interesting little characters guide you through the application and provide various functions. Talking about the origin of Nodon, people found that in order to make the creative process interesting, people had a series of ideas similar to the characters in the idol group-idol group is a term for popular groups in Japan and Korea, for example. Sadly, the idea of ​​a group of Nodon performing songs was unsuccessful!

Toshima: At the beginning of the project, our key word was “creating is fun”, so I constantly negotiate with designers to create an interesting atmosphere, anyway-even on the programming screen. I thought, “Well… we may not be able to achieve this goal through these methods…” In the Toy-Con Garage of Nintendo Labo and the Game Builder Garage of this title, you arrange different functions To create games, called “nodes”. When we discussed this project, someone suggested that we treat “node” as an idol group (pop music idol group).

An…Idol group?

Toshima: correct. This idea came about like this, “Why don’t we personify various functional nodes, create a unit like an idol group, and release an original song?” If you integrate each character into a song one by one, you might Understand how each mechanism works…

I understand. When you think of it as a group of people with different roles and personalities, I will definitely see it.

Toshima: At first, this was a joke from a side chat, when we were trying to find a way to make the game programming screen fun. (Laughs) I think the idea of ​​idol groups is too extreme, but it is obviously difficult to understand the working principle of nodes at a glance, so we think that by giving them a personality, character or face, looking at each of their functions, they may be more Easy to identify. Then we thought, “If players like them more and more, it may be easier to remember what they did.” So, then it became, “I like anthropomorphic characters…” Then, “Let We gave them an easy-to-remember name: Nodon!”

Both developers have their favorite Nodons. Of course, these little characters bring a more relaxed tone to the various tools of the application and make them more memorable.

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