Sunday, July 25th, 2021

The first review of “Mario Golf: Super Sprint” is now available

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There are many Nintendo Switch games to look forward to, but one of the upcoming games is Mario Golf: Super Sprint. In fact, it will be out next week!

Before the latest entry, the famous Japanese publication Famitsu shared the first comment on the game. As you may already know, this exit uses a special system where four reviewers rate the game between 1 and 10, and then combine the scores to create a 40-point score.

So, what about Super Rush on Nintendo Switch? According to the translation of Nintendo Everything, three critics gave the game eight points (out of eight points), and one gave it nine points (out of 40 points)-a total score of 33 points (out of 40 points).

The new speed golf mode seems to have received good feedback, and the adventure mode is also very popular. Just like the previous entry, this latest entry clearly does a good job of presenting the “best things about golf” and guiding users through its controls.

Previous—— Mario Golf: World TourReleased on Nintendo 3DS in 2014, with a high score-34 out of 40 points. Two critics gave it eight points, two critics gave it nine out of ten (thanks, Kamamatsu).

Please pay attention to our Nintendo Life review of Mario Golf: Super Sprint later this week. Do you think you will return to the fairway? Leave a comment below.