Monday, May 16th, 2022

The early launch of Battlefield 2042 had a toothy problem

Battlefield 2042 hasn’t been fully released until this Friday, but many early players aren’t happy with the release version. Server issues, unexpected gunplay habits, glitches, and UI design have been criticized by many in the community.

A quick glance at Reddit will bring up the following headings:Don’t buy Battlefield 2042“,”Battlefield 2042 is completely unplayable“, When “This game is a big step on the battlefield“Unfortunately, for DICE, many of these posts are centered around completely different complaint topics. Below is a list of some of the player’s most consistent issues.

Server problem

Battlefield was released last Friday as a trial version of EA Play, as well as a full version for those who paid extra for special editions and EA Play Pro subscriptions. Unfortunately, many players have noticed that they cannot play the new game due to an error loading to the server. Battlefield Support Twitter Account Admit the problem.Almost a full day later, the account The problem was “significantly reduced”However, many players reported requesting a refund within that time.

Gunshot Bloom

Perhaps the most consistent issue for players at this time is the level of gunshot “bloom” for the game. This is a term used to describe how a shot deviates from accurate aiming and is often used as a way to facilitate accurate firing rather than a constant trigger. Holding. Battlefield games (like many shooters) used to use bloom to some extent before, but since the arrival of the full version, the level of shot deviation in 2042 has been a huge amount of debate among players. Caused.

For many, the amount of bloom turns a landing shot into a matter of luck as much as a skill. This is a big frustration point for many players. You can see an example of the effect in the video below:


First, keep the big ones out of the way. Hovercraft can basically fly up buildings and appear to be strong enough to drop a helicopter in a head-on collision.

It’s a fairly common sight that flying hovercraft have begun to become a meme among the community, and some say it should be left alone for the value of comedy alone.

Unfortunately, it’s far from the only bug reported. One of the most serious problems is that not only can players go down and not be resurrected, but they can also die and not respawn. The only meaningful way to solve this problem is to be completely killed by the enemy (which can be difficult in a chaotic 128-player game) or to end the game altogether.

Other infrequent issues reported by players include breaking through landscapes into out-of-bounds areas on the map, crouching and stuck, or even being unable to switch weapons. Shoot yourself from the vehicle while the character model is still in the vehicle..

UI complaints

The game UI has been criticized by many players, both inside and outside the game. Some issues revolve around exaggerated complexity, and gun customization is blamed here for criticism. Other games lack information compared to previous games, from games that don’t show how many players are waiting before the match begins, to more difficult experiences in choosing spawn points. We will revolve around being there.

In-game, many have complained about opaque HUD elements that can inadvertently cover parts of the screen in tense situations, but since the beta version of the game, who has dominated the area of ​​the game? Large pop-in banners have been criticized to show if they are in control.

With the full release of Battlefield 2042 scheduled for this week, many players are hoping to hear DICE or EA’s comments on the issue and probably promise to change it in an early patch. So far, there is no official word about player concerns. I contacted EA for comment.

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