As of March 2021, Nintendo revealed that the Donkey Kong series of games had sold a whopping 65 million copies worldwide.

As you may already know, Donkey Kong was first revived by Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981, when the first game in the series hit the arcade. In the game, Jumpman, who later became Mario, climbed the construction site to save Pauline from Donkey Kong. Yes, DK wasn’t always the adorable gorilla we see today.

Since then, the series has been seen on a wide range of Nintendo systems, including the NES and SNES Donkey Kong Country series, the N64 Donkey Kong 64, many handheld ports, and more recently Donkey Kong Country: Switch Tropical Freeze. Not just many others.

The new milestone was noted by Nintendo as part of a press release announcing the expansion of Donkey Kong towards the Super Nintendo World.

Nintendo’s Donkey Kong series began in 1981 with an arcade game that quickly caught the hearts of fans around the world. Since then, the Donkey Kong game series has continued to offer more games on Nintendo’s video game systems such as Super Nintendo, Wii and Nintendo Switch. The series has sold over 65 million copies worldwide (as of March 2021) to generations of fans.

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