Friday, September 17th, 2021

The developers among us talk about Fortnite’s dubiously familiar “imposter” pattern

Yesterday, Epic Games announced Fortnite’s new “imposter” mode-a new way to play, let’s face it, it is the same as among us. Epic’s world-ruling battle royale game has never been shy about adopting other people’s ideas, but yesterday’s announcement caused quite a stir Blatant Everything.

Understandably, some of the creative people behind the real “Among Us” are not satisfied with this deterioration.As found European players, Several key figures behind the popular social online multiplayer game that created Innersloth have already spoken out on Twitter to express their frustration or vent their feelings.

InnerSloth co-founder Marcus Bromander explained that it is quite commendable that the team did not apply for a patent for the mechanism of “We” because “I don’t think this will bring a healthy game industry.” Obviously, their idea is other work. The room should be able to make our own work based on the gameplay between us, but that’s not the case. “But is it really that difficult to spend 10% more energy on your own rotation?” he said.

“Among us” community director Victoria Tran added, “At least even different topics or terminology can make things more interesting.”

Programmer Gary Porter showed how similar even the map design looks.

Adriel Wallick, the lead Unity programmer of Innersloth, shared “This is what you did? I made this” comic.

Interestingly, the whole situation seems to be avoided. In response to a Twitter user, Bromander revealed that our team has been contacting Epic Games for official cooperation, but without any luck.