Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

The developer of the hit switch game “Calculator” is making a popeye game

image: Sony Pictures Animation

Don’t get me wrong. We love sailor Popeye. What do you dislike about the barely understandable spinach swallowing maniac who spends most of his time chopping up his girlfriend’s side? But we have to say — we didn’t expect Popeye’s video games right away.

The last bit of Popeye news we remember is Genndy Tartakovsky’s animated film, Which You may or may not be working… So maybe we’re planning on Popeye’s resurrection? And who else handles it? But the highly rated calculator maker: Calculator app for Nintendo Switch?

Indeed, on November 4th, the officially licensed Popeye game for Nintendo Switch was launched. This means fighting the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update (November 5th) to get people’s attention.

The description calls it “a modernized adaptation of classic arcade games.” You may remember that this is why Donkey Kong exists. From the screenshots, it looks like a free roaming game where you have to grab hearts, letters and spinach while avoiding obstacles and collect items. While the hearts are scattered, the letters gather to spell phrases and try to collect them at record speed.

The game will be published by Savec, Other games include calculator, golf, darts and fight. Popeye games are called “Popeye” to match the minimalist title.

Are you a Popeye fan? Is this game intriguing to you? Let us know in the comments below!