Sunday, September 19th, 2021

“The Dark Picture Anthology: House of Ashes” brings horror into history

Hello everyone!

Nice to talk with you today House of Ashes, Next game Anthology of Dark Pictures. We are very happy that the game will launch on Xbox One and will be optimized for Xbox Series X|S; this is our first opportunity to provide you with more detailed information about upcoming games.

For those who don’t know, Anthology of Dark Pictures It is a series of intense, independent and branched movie horror games. Each game can be played in single player or in two multiplayer modes: two people share stories online and up to 5 people on couch co-op movie nights. In all games, everyone can live and everyone can die in the story. It all depends on the choice you make in the game!

Anthology is getting stronger and stronger, and the responses we received from the community on both Medan with Little hope awesome.It’s particularly exciting to hear from the Xbox community, and we are Medan Xbox Game Pass will be available earlier this year!

Every game Anthology of Dark Pictures It’s an independent story, and all games are very different. We have sailed from the ghost ship lost in the South Pacific to an abandoned town in New England, and now we are in the Zagros Mountains.

Anthology of Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

Our game is scheduled to be held in Iraq in 2003. As the conflict ended, elite military units accompanied by CIA resident officer Rachel King were ordered to investigate a suspected underground chemical weapons facility in the shadow of the Zagros Mountains.

After reaching the coordinates, the search team was ambushed by the local patrol. During the battle, a major earthquake opened a pothole in the ground, causing both sides to sink into the ruins of the buried Sumer temple. In the darkness below the Arabian desert, something evil was awakened. The savage and unstoppable ancient and hidden creature lair is a new prey to hunt…

Anthology of Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

Every game Anthology of Dark Pictures There are certain facts, novels or legends in the real world, House of Ashes It’s definitely no different. So let me tell you more about the ancient temple where our heroes all fell into!

This temple is located in the center of an area once called Mesopotamia, a land with a long history that includes what is now Iraq. This area is the birthplace of civilization, and its written records can be traced back to six thousand years ago. The temple at the core of our game was built by a real-world historical figure. He was the god king Naram-Sin of the Akkadian Empire, who reigned around 2250 BC.

Anthology of Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

It is said that Naram-Sin ransacked a temple belonging to Enlil, the god of earth, wind and storm, thus disturbing the gods and cursing his people. The gods brought war, famine and plague to his kingdom. In our story, Naram-Sin built this huge temple as a peace offering to the gods to lift the curse, but his plea fell on the ears of the deaf . Akkad fell and the temple of Naram-Sin was buried under the sand of the desert… it was not rediscovered until thousands of years later!

This temple reminiscent of a distant and violent past. As a player, you must travel through a maze of ancient tunnels and spacious and gorgeous halls. When you are looking for a way of escape, you will soon realize that you are not the only escape. Lurking in the shadows is a very real, very, very dangerous thing.

Anthology of Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

I can only tell you this now, but I hope you enjoy this brief introduction. House of Ashes And some historical elements that make up the game. We can’t wait for you to play!