Sunday, September 19th, 2021

The celebrity guest appearance of the E3 season is coming soon, starting with Jeff Goldblum

Honestly, when you think of video games, who do you think of first?Of course, it’s not Mario or the Master Sergeant—it’s Jeffrey Lynn Goldbloom, this stylish and eccentric actor is perhaps best known for his Jurassic Park with Thor: RagnarokAnd we are not alone: ​​Geoff Keighley, the emcee of almost all gaming activities, has obviously pulled enough strings to put Mr. Goldblum on the stage of his summer game festival. Are there two Jeff/Jeff in the same room? ! Indeed, this is the best E3 ever.

Jeff Goldblum (Jeff Goldblum) participated in many games, the most common is the voice of Dr. Ian Malcolm (Ian Malcolm), his Jurassic Park Character, but also as Nero Blackstone Call of Duty: Black Ops III, A very evil person with an almost ridiculous evil name.