Saturday, July 31st, 2021

The cave and cliff world generation of Minecraft is here, it’s incredible

Yesterday, on July 13, Mojang updated Minecraft to version 1.17.10, which is not too exciting for Switch players (unless you are really looking forward to candles), but hidden in the “experimental features” section It is Mojang’s new world generation tool.

You may already know that the huge cave and cliff update is divided into two parts, the new creatures and blocks are mainly in the first update, and the long-awaited world generation changes are in the second update. 1.17.10 The player is allowed to choose to join the world generation for the first time, but it is worth noting that it is still in the experimental stage and there is no guarantee that it will not crash.

“This snapshot is experimental and everything is subject to change. If performance needs to be improved, some features may be significantly changed or even deleted. Also please keep in mind that this experimental snapshot lacks some important performance improvements that we are currently working on. So things may be slow.” — Don’t let

The new generation of caves includes giant caves, local water levels, and mossy “dense caves”. In the main world, there is also a huge new geographical feature: cliffs, where terrible and angry goats live, as well as meadows, woods and slopes of different slopes.

Because the world generation is very much New, still working, some people noticed some rather strange structures: Vast and open cave, Lava spawns underwater, Even Something like a volcano, All of which will help superior Where the villain hides.

Here is how Mojang describes these changes:

  • The height and depth of the new world
  • New mountain biomes (tall mountains, snow-capped peaks, woods, meadows and snow slopes)
  • New cave generation (cheese, pasta and noodle caves)
  • Local water level and lava level underground
  • New cave biomes are naturally generated underground and in mountains (dense caves, dripping stone caves)
  • Natural changes in terrain shape and altitude are independent of biomes. For example, forests and deserts can be formed on hills without the need for specialized biomes.
  • New ore distribution (Look at this chart)
  • Large vein
  • Integration of mountains, caves and cave entrances
  • Monsters will only spawn in total darkness

If you want the world generation to show off their skills on Switch, all you have to do is to create a world -> experimental function, and then open “Caves and Cliffs”. First make sure your game is updated!

If you see any strange errors or slightly unusual formations, You can report to Mojang on Reddit…Or you can keep it secret if they look cool.