Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

The boy and his blob are heading to switch soon

Boy and his blob With a nice game on the Wii, developer WayForward has created a smart and significantly improved product with a source of NES inspiration. The game continues HD iteration on other systems.

Nintendo players finally Trying out the game while looking at the high resolution vest seems to confirm that publisher Ziggurat is coming to Switch this fall / fall. Below you can see some PR claims.

  • Experience a heartwarming story told through beautiful hand-drawn and animated illustrations!
  • Feed the blob jelly beans and activate 15 useful transformations such as caramel cannons, bubble gum bouncers, licorice ladders, apple jacks, and classic beans such as tangerine trampolines.
  • Cross 40 breathtaking levels filled with hidden treasures, from forests, swamps, caves, suburbs of Brobolonia to even the emperor’s citadel! Collect treasures and unlock 40 additional challenge levels to put your skills on the ultimate test!

If you want a better gameplay feel, here’s a trailer for the 2016 HD re-release.

Are you excited about the mysterious Broy and his blob coming to Switch?