The story of the best video games of 2021 has taken us much wider, whether it’s in the sleepy Colorado town, outer space, the past, or a truly messed up mind.

These are our choices for the best video game stories of 2021.

The best video game story of 2021

Psycho Notes 2

The original Psycho Notes had a fine story in 2005, but it mainly served as an introductory chapter to a larger world and a larger plan that we couldn’t really see. .. Until the sequel. Psychonauts 2 does a great job of expanding its history, creating Psychonauts, the secrets of its founding members, and filling the world inside and outside of Psychonauts HQ. Established mystery at the end of the first game: Who kidnapped Truman The Knot? It’s a carefully crafted story with amazing twists, great rewards, and very satisfying conclusions. ―――― Mitchell Salzmann

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Like any other big mystery, the best part of Inscryption is its secret. It’s not obvious on the screen, but it whispers between lines of code. Inscryption incorporates roguelike elements, metatext threads, and even found footage horror recordings into a maze of twisted conspiracies, incorporating things that can often be tiring metaphors if not performed properly. .. In every corner, there is a new chunk of information to solve the mystery at hand. Inscryption seamlessly integrates gameplay into the plot so that it doesn’t cross the line to become a complete horror game. This makes it impossible to uncover fascinating secrets in the face of internal horror. ―――― Simon Qadi

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Forgotten city

Many of our favorite games tend to prefer huge, global plots, but there’s a lot to say about small, intimate plots like forgotten cities. This is a time-loop game centered around a small cast of characters, a limited but secretive urban space, and an intriguing moral mystery that encourages incredibly deep discussions and questions reminiscent of ancient philosophy courses. .. The tight puzzle boxes and endless loops of the forgotten city world steadily reveal to players the answer to “whodunit”, even the crime itself, while everyone’s personality, motivation, secrets, desires, Beginning as a mystery that gives you space and time to know your worries, your actions determine if and how the perpetrator will eventually be stopped. This is all from what started as a Skyrim mod! ―――― Rebecca Valentine

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Life is Strange: True Colors

As a series, the story is by far the greatest strength of Strange in life. Life is Strange: True Colors offers a compelling mystery that maintains a compelling pace across all five episodes. The character is beautifully sketched, the choice of size is important, and the combination allows you to invest emotionally to the end. ―――― Taylor Lyles

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