Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

The best Switch Joy-Con finally got a grip on TV Play

Image: Nintendo Life / Zion Grasle

We’ve had fierce conversations at NLTowers for years on the topic of Nintendo’s Switch Joy-Con controllers. With a cool HD rumble and an accurate motion sensor, it’s great for clipping to a switch or as a wireless controller. However, They also definitely have flimsy and disappointing analog sticks. Mileage varies from gamer to gamer, but this writer has a fairly unstable Joy-Con analog stick. Biting Those views.

Thanks to Hori Split Pad Pro. It doesn’t have the clever features of a Joy-Con controller, but it has a great stick (with a suitable D-Pad) and is comfortable to use. Ideal for handheld players who are not bothered by rumble or jazz. That said, the lack of any wireless technology in the controller means that it only works with one of the Switch’s three play configurations. This is a shame.

Years later, Hori has finally fixed it and confirmed that it will launch a grip for controllers that support docked Switchplay and PCs. It looks like it also has headphone jack and voice chat support, but the latter is definitely for those who want to use it for PC games.

Hori Split Pad Pro GAVMAGIC
Image: Hori / Nintendo Life

Like some other third-party controllers, it looks like it’s wired only. This is not surprising, but it should be remembered. So it’s wired and, of course, there’s no rumble or motion control. However, it has a nice analog stick and button input, which is convenient.

Please let us know if you are a Hori Split Pad Pro convert and if you are trying to grab one of these grips for the switch.