Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

The award-winning dark comedy “Stilstand” opens on Switch in November

Switch is the perfect system for interactive and visual novels, and we already have a lot of great consoles out there. On November 5th, we will win another winner in the form of a “severe but hopeful” Stilstand. ..

Called “a memorable, dark comedy interactive graphic novel,” this work records the summer of a young woman in Copenhagen, trying to navigate the urban student life while anxiety, loneliness, and extant malaise. Fight with.

This game won the most amazing game in A MAZE 2021 and was created by the author Ida Hartman with the help of Niila Games. The story comes from a personal experience from when she earned a degree and dealt with issues that many perceive and feel familiar with.

Check out the trailer above for a good taste of the short story experience, and here’s also some bullet points from the official tagline:

-Turn over the interactive graphic novel pages and watch it come alive as you play.
-Search for love and adventure, send text messages and scroll through strange social media feeds.
-Play unique mini games.
-Enjoy detailed and expressive black-and-white illustrations and trans-genre movie soundtracks.

Stilstand will be available on Switch eShop (and PS4) on November 5th for $ 2.99 / 2.99 €. If you’ve played this on Steam, or if you like this fascinating (and fascinating scratch) art style, let us know below.