Sunday, September 19th, 2021

The art of fighting biological mutants

create Biological mutantsThe development of its evolving central character and its fighting style are crucial. Our heroes are often mistaken for raccoons, cats and even red pandas, and heroes are more than that! The same can be said for the multifaceted fighting style of our heroes! Our goal is to blend between melee combat, gunfight and mutation to create fast-paced and action-rich combat. All of this, plus easy control. We drew a lot of inspiration from traditional kung fu, including my personal experience. We also drew inspiration from Wu Yusen’s movie and the movie “Kung Fu Panda”. Through all these, we found our own unique way of fighting.

What we call mutation ability is a key factor in a successful attack. The appearance changes of our heroes will translate into different physical strengths and abilities in battle. The result is a smooth and acrobatic style.Place on melee and projectile weapons and fight Biological mutants Easily distinguish yourself from other games.

Biological mutants

Players will quickly learn that each element of the combat system is not only interesting, but also necessary, because the creatures from the creatures will carry out various attacks. Biological mutants It will always be surprising. Some people will roll into a ball and then zoom into the hands of the players. Some people went underground, some people vomited acid, and some people’s attacks were even more unexpected. In a huge boss battle, each boss will launch a unique attack. In many cases, players will benefit a lot from watching and learning before hitting the ball.

Biological mutants

This brings me to The benefits of pre-ordering before releasing the game on May 25!Players who pre-order will benefit from a unique combination of commission privileges at the beginning Biological mutants Game experience. Dual skills as the starting skills, plus other weapons, including the classic katana and the shorter Wakizashi blade, can deal with almost any opponent you will face!

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Pre-order BIOMUTANT now and get the mercenary DLC of the full version of the game, which is a unique combination of privileges. The mercenary is a special class loading and can only be played from this DLC. The mercenary has a dual ability as a starting ability, and is equipped with a classic katana and a shorter Wakizashi blade to explain it in a real-world way. In short, it will allow you to experience the world of BIOMUTANT from the very beginning, just like a classic samurai.