Friday, September 17th, 2021

The Air Rider’s Never Give Up Review (Switch eShop)

If the “never surrender” of “Sky Knight” is completely nailed, it is a very fashionable style. This is a super cool runner from Neil “Aerial_Knight” Jones, he is indeed absolute in appearance and sound. However, this is also one that the game department lacks. It brings a short-lived experience, which could have been better by making some adjustments everywhere.

In the “Never Give Up” of “Sky Knight”, the player plays the role of Wally. Wally is a futuristic Tokyo-style Detroit citizen who is discovering that it may change forever what he is trying to escape from. After the information on the fate of the metropolis, he is fleeing from the official. The gameplay here is very simple, with color-coded obstacles rushing towards Wally, he must jump, slide in, parkour or smash it to pieces by sprinting.

Depending on which difficulty you choose to play, the game will help you escape to varying degrees. For example, if you choose to run in normal mode, the time will be much slower than each obstacle. This gives you a little time to prepare to press the button. The same is true for hard mode, but the slow motion window is slightly shorter, and the crazy difficulty eliminates slow motion completely at the same time. To add a lot of additional obstacles to achieve good results.

There are a total of 13 short levels to break through. The full playback in the normal mode brings us to a range of about 90 minutes. Considering the more difficult mode and the challenge of the game budget price, this is good. However, the main problem with the “never surrender” of the “air knight” is that the core actions are too repetitive. Yes, this is a never-ending runner. Repetition is an important part of the genre, but from the beginning to the end, there is really no change in the way things develop. There are a large number of reusable assets at each stage, and there are only a few Different obstacles can achieve your head in total. For the first time through the fence, over the car, over the mine, everything is fine, but for the hundredth time you see the exact same assets and obstacles moving forward? It is difficult to maintain a full interest in all honesty.

To be fair, Yes There are several twists and turns everywhere-one level sees you running vertically, another level switches your work, so you take everything backwards, and there is an early boss battle that injects some much-needed diversity-but None of these can obscure the basic facts there, but the obstacles and obstacles are not enough to make things interesting. In fact, we even recommend that you play this game on crazy difficulty from the very beginning, because it will eject violently in stages, because that is the closest “Never Give Up” from “Sky Knight”, and it feels like the right one Just take off and challenge your skills.

Danime-Sama provides an excellent soundtrack-frankly speaking, this is by far one of our most popular soundtracks of the year-transparent shadows, comic-style graphics are very suitable for the entire environment, but its relatively simple mechanism does drag it all Down. It feels like something is missing, it feels like being bitten. There is no way to get a satisfying combo, no scoring system (beyond one’s own time) to master, and no attempt to blend the amazing audio of the game with the actions that take place on the screen on a mechanical level. In the end, the challenge is never Will rise to the level of the best Zen flow that that genre can provide.

We would love to see some of the online leaderboards incorporated into the action here, making the whole thing longer, because there is no real motivation to continue to pursue more other than challenging your time and unlocking a lot of clothing for Wally. In the end, this is a passionate project, and its presentation and audio both exude a cool feeling-it is indeed one of the coolest runners with the coolest appearance and sound that we have ever played-but it’s a shame , The project failed to deliver the goods in the following areas: its gameplay. We also encountered some tricky frame rate issues, the most obvious of which is that in crazy difficulty, we need to solve these problems in order to smoothly traverse the game’s super fashionable style of the future Detroit.

in conclusion

“Never Give Up” of “Sky Rider” is obviously a passionate project. Its ultra-stylish aesthetics and excellent soundtrack have attracted countless loves. However, this is also a project that is very lacking in the game department. Wally needs more challenges and changes in the futuristic challenge of Detroit to make things interesting-more obstacles, more twists and turns and opportunities, show off as you progress and greater difficulties Your skills. Judging from the current situation, this is a smooth-looking and sound-sounding game, but it does not motivate people to play the game for a long time.