Sunday, September 19th, 2021

The Air Rider’s Indomitability: How Developer Neil Jones Entered the Gaming Industry

Some time ago, after looking for a game job for many years, I never found a real opportunity in the industry. I felt that I was not good enough, or I had something wrong, I wanted to give up. Before I did that, I decided to give myself another shot and put everything I had in the last project. If people like it, I will move on. If not, then I continue.

I set some guidelines for myself, such as making sure that the game is a game that “young me” likes, making the game feel cool and not filling, and keeping it for the length of an action movie so that people can finish it in the afternoon. Watching is as fun as playing. In the end, I will only give myself 15 months. Now that the rules have been set, I just need to figure out what I actually want to do.

The never surrender of the sky knight

I want to choose a mechanic that people will be familiar with, and at the same time choose something that I haven’t done in a while. Make room for me to experiment and adjust the gameplay so that it truly becomes my own game. I adopted a “narrative runner” concept that I have always wanted to do, which contains a complete story, cutscenes, more dynamic, and welcomes players who may not be able to grow with the past game types. After the first few months, I had a very crude working prototype. Although not much, from the first pass, it gave me a good understanding of what works and what does not work.

The never surrender of the sky knight

In the following year, I completed nearly half of the games. In the process of constantly playing games with friends, there are about 6 levels, which can provide me with feedback and suggestions. This is very important because each level is handmade and each obstacle is placed manually instead of using procedurally generated content. At that time, I went to my friend Dan, who played all the music for my project and scored the game. I know I want to mix two different types of music, but the first few attempts did not feel right. After several months of exchanges, we thought of the combination of hip-hop music and classic jazz music, but it was cool but exciting. We proposed a very interesting workflow in which I will do some art work and provide him with detailed information about the level. He will use this as a guide to express the feeling of the song.

The never surrender of the sky knight

At this point, the title of the game went through several iterations before entering “Never Give Up”, which I think is a perfect description of the character and my own experimentation. Then, I added the label “Aerial_Knight” to the title. The name I used on the Internet when I was young. I want people to know that there is not a large studio or a large team that integrates this game. There is only one guy who couldn’t find a chance in the game industry and tried to create his own.

The never surrender of the sky knight

Soon after the competition, it was displayed in several showcases. These showcases attracted the attention of the German publisher Headup. Headup provided many opportunities that I can take advantage of now. Without the help I got from them and the support provided by people all over the world who have been supporting my game development, the current game would not be what it is now. Thank you all!

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The never surrender of the sky knight

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The story plays Wally. A mysterious character recovered what had been taken from him. Hope you are fast enough to defeat the enemy. Expose the truth and try to reveal the mystery of what happened to them. With the average playing time of an action movie (it takes about an hour and a half in a “normal” movie), you can enjoy the first round of this action-packed adventure in the afternoon. After that, you can improve your score. GAMEPLAY Skyrider’s Never Give Up is a 3D side-scroller, which is played in a similar way to the classic endless runner. There is an interesting story in the game that allows players to always keep in motion. Run, jump, slide or “dash” to achieve acrobatic combinations and avoid waiting challenges. “Aero_Knight’s Never Yield” is designed for players who like speed running games and at the same time an experience enjoyed by casual players. The soundtrack of the original soundtrack of “The Skyrider’s Indomitability” produced by “Detroit” singer “Danime-Sama” is sung by singers from all over the world. Note for developers This project was initially just a passionate project. I alone started to create some familiar but novel content for this generation of gamers, while highlighting a cultural aspect that is often overlooked.I really hope you like it after the game is released, and follow my journey of creating a new and interesting game-Sky Knight