Monday, September 20th, 2021

The 90s arcade style Beat’em up Mayhem Brawler will be launched on August 19

Do you want to read a comic book with an in-depth narrative on the theme of urban fantasy while playing video games? If your answer is yes, I am happy to tell you; Chaos Fighter It is for those who desire first-class nostalgia!


Chaos Fighter It is a beat game with the theme of urban fantasy, bringing the arcade atmosphere of the 90s back to your home.With the comic book art style and unique storytelling, it will be a fascinating journey when you defeat the bully and read Chaos FighterYou will control Trouble, Star, and Dolphin, the three superhuman superhuman officials of the superpower law enforcement agency Stronghold in a leading position.

As you patrol to investigate the darkest corners of the City of Chaos, a series of events will change your Odyssey’s destiny. “In the age of superpower law enforcement” is our core concept when we started development Chaos Fighter. Unlike the classic beat’em ups of “Save the girl and become the hero of today”, you will work wholeheartedly in the name of protecting the chaotic city. The idea of ​​saving the entire community is more suitable for real superheroes!

Sinister Thirty

Another refreshing addition that makes Chaos Fighter What stands out is the enemy variety. Since our creative director has formed a universe with the theme of urban fantasy, everything is fair. Beastized people with sharp teeth and claws, rich and terrifying vampires, firearms and sword wizards and more! We even have “Mejins” from another dimension with spectral power. Our servants have a personalized appearance that makes them feel unique. Each opponent has special characteristics, abilities and attack modes, which need to be handled carefully. For example, Mejins can throw Spectral Blasts from the other side of the screen. You better arrest them before they draw you off the other side of the street.

Chaos Fighter

Fate is not accidental; it is a matter of choice

Minion Chaos Fighter When it comes to originality, this is not the only theme. As a result of writing a lot of knowledge for this project, we created a “choice is important” process system and completely different levels from each other. Arcs will be presented in the form of a comic book, allowing you to choose the questions you want after clearing the level and experience your own story. Each level has its own unique theme, story, opponent and boss related to your choice and story.

In twelve stages, you will conduct seven patrols in one game. Our officers will face three different endings and uncover the dark mysteries of the story based on your choices throughout the patrol. We hope that this implementation will improve replayability and make the journey unique to the player. It is really interesting to talk about what kind of adventures you have experienced with your friends and to theorize the future of this story. The game will also provide sofa cooperative multiplayer games. You can patrol with your colleagues and help them as you unravel the mystery together. One thing to note is that there will be an option in the character selection screen to activate “Friendly Shooting”. Yes, you can throw buckets at your colleagues. Perfect for destroying friendships!

Chaos Fighter

It is super effective!

Speaking of throwing barrels, our combat mechanics may be familiar to old players. We have our bread and butter jabs, and every officer is different. Special defensive and offensive abilities will add interest to your combination. Dash, Dash Strike, and Dash Jump Strike provide more mobile engagement. And available weapons. Currently, these are all known mechanisms in the classic beat’em ups that inspired us. But achieving the “conditional effect” similar to RPG is our new view of this type. Specific actions, abilities and weapons will leave the target with special conditional effects, such as stun (inhibiting the enemy’s counterattack ability) and bleeding (your target is attacked and causing additional damage), giving you an advantage in battle. Using these effects will help you get better potential damage and faster stage completion, which means you will get a higher score after clearing the level. Is bigger the better?

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From the moment we started to give life to this project, it has been a long two years. Hero Concept has always been a big fan of comic books, which tell memorable stories and classic arcade games. Combining the two themes we love is a moment when our dreams come true. We hope you enjoy Mayhem Brawler’s dark and interesting story full of pop culture references, because you gang up bullies. The game will be released tomorrow, August 19, for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Heroes are shaped by the path they choose, not by the power they possess. You can be a hero!

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Chaos Fighter

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Mayhem Brawler is a beat game with the theme of urban fantasy, bringing the arcade atmosphere of the 90s back to today. With comic book style art and wonderful soundtrack, it provides a unique experience where you can cope alone or cooperate with friends, while defining the next step of the story through your choice. Protection and Service While answering the patrol’s routine phone calls, Dolphins, Stars, and Trouble-the most popular officials of the superpower law enforcement agency Stronghold-found themselves caught in a series of events that would change the fate of the entire city. Excessive power allows us to figure out one thing; if you think that the day of an enforcer with superpowers is easy, you are very wrong, because in Mayhem Brawler, the theme of urban fantasy, the threat is more than the street The gang is bigger. Using your combination and special abilities, you and your partner should make the lives of those superpower criminals miserable, protect themselves from the wrath of the werewolves, resist the black magic of street wizards, and fight the large-scale corporate coercion led by the vampire house Their thugs do their dirty things. THE MAYHEM UNIVERSE comic book-inspired hand-drawn background and frame-by-frame animation, coupled with an exciting soundtrack, will bring adrenaline shock to your controller. Through the choices you make, you will shape the flow of the story and eventually reach one of the three different endings in the Mayhem Brawler world, where each corner has a story to tell.