Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Tetris Effect: Connected Review (Switch eShop)

Have you ever had a more perfect fusion of hardware and software? Tetris And Game Boy? Tetris isn’t the original NES IP, but it felt like it was made for monochrome portables. It’s easy to imagine that one will succeed without the other IP. However, Tetris is very unique and has become one of the most famous video game properties to date, taking advantage of the extraordinary fame achieved thanks to its pairing with Nintendo’s console, and the entry is Appears on almost any device with a screen.

One such “evolution” of the Tetris concept is sublime Tetris effect, Based on the idea of ​​legendary game designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi.originally PS4 In 2018, with impressive support for PSVR headsets, it became multi-platform with an updated version that includes one of the key omissions from the original game: online multiplayer. Tetris effect: connect Now available on Nintendo Switch. This is like returning home. Nintendo’s system has had a lot of Tetris over the years (including the best) Tetris 99 And just-OK Tetris DS), This somehow feels more important. Tetris Effect: Connected may be because it’s one of the best Alexey Pajitnov game interpretations the world has ever seen.

But before we reach all of that, it’s worth explaining the Tetris effect and the meaning of the “connected” subtitle. good, This is Tetris – A game that certainly doesn’t need to be introduced – but it has a “synesthesia” hook, which means that the images on the screen and the accompanying audio are synchronized in a strange and wonderful way. This was the first experiment by former Sega staff member Mizuguchi with an original on-rail shooter. Lesbian..

During gameplay, every movement, line clear or hard drop has some kind of auditory and visual effect, and each level is set against a nicely animated and evolving background. Some argue that Tetris is a game that doesn’t require a graphical gimmick to engage and addict, but the Tetris Effect really pulls out all the stops and is perfectly combined with an equally beautiful soundtrack. Provides gorgeous visual effects.

Tetris Effect: Connected is a recent addition to the core game introduced over the decades, including the ability to hold the piece as a spare and rotate the piece before it is completely locked in place. Contains many of. However, the all-new “Zone” feature has the greatest impact on this entry.

The clear line fills the zone gauge. It can be activated at any time by pressing the ZR trigger. Doing this freezes the time. The blocks will not fall as usual, but the lines will not disappear. Instead, the cleared line will fall to the bottom of the well and will be removed in the point scoring combo when the zone gauge is exhausted. These lines remain visible on the screen while in the zone, reducing the space available at the top of the wells and making it difficult to clear multiple lines. This is the purpose here. Zones not only help you get out of tight spaces, but are also the key to getting the best score in Tetris Effect: Connected.

The game is divided into different modes, with “Journey” being the most time-consuming mode, at least initially. This is the game’s solo campaign mode, where you can watch the game move through a series of stages by clearing a set number of lines. This is a fascinating and often emotional trip, thanks to the aforementioned method of combining light and sound in the game, but ends with a default difficulty setting in the space of the day. Of course, it’s playable here, but other modes of the game can help significantly extend its lifespan.

When you exit Journey mode, “Effects” mode can take up most of your single player time. These are a set of gameplay modes that are categorized to suit your current attitude. For example, if you just want to relax, you can choose from the Relax section and take a mode that you can’t lose. When the block reaches the top, the wells are cleared and you just have to start over.

“Focus” mode is a bit more demanding and revolves around strict targets, such as clearing all blocks and getting as many combos as possible. “Adventurous” mode confuses things a bit by including something like an “infected” block that needs to be removed from play. In “Mystery” mode, you can apply random effects such as flipping or giving the well horizontally. Blocks with missing sections.

You can literally spend weeks just playing the mode of the “effects” part of the game, and all the advances in the Tetris effect will be added to your level.Experience points increase your level stats and you can unlock new avatars for use – this has had a positive effect on the water mouth Lumines series. With this constant sense of earning something through play, spending hours with Tetris Effect: Connected is easy, defeating high scores and increasing your experience level.

However, this is the game’s “connected” mode. This was added when the game was released. Xbox game pass 2020 – This really makes this title sing. It is named after one of the online gameplay modes offered here. In this mode, you and two other players team up to work on an AI-controlled “boss” player. The goal is to fill the enemy’s well with crap while dealing with the various useless effects that the enemy has on you and your peers. When three people clear the line, the zone meter fills up, and when it’s fully full, all three wells are connected to one superwell, and they work together as they complete the line and dump everything. You will be able to do it. The boss character is also fine. The catch is that you have to take turns each to drop your block.

Connected mode is responsible for some of the most breathtaking multiplayer actions we’ve been doing for a long time, but when it comes to online play, Tetris Effects: Connected has to offer that much. Not. If the nature of connected mode collaboration isn’t your tea, you’ll be glad to know that there is another ranking system that matches you with opponents of the same skill. You can participate in “Rank”, “Friends”, and “Local” matches. In game mode, you can cover a variety of playstyles, such as disabling the zone feature or tackling two “old-fashioned” players. mode. Removes additions such as hard drops, the ability to keep pieces as spares.Nintendo version Tetris Run on the European PALNES console, it has a lower 50Hz style frame rate, faster horizontal movement, and faster drop speeds later in the game.

Tetris Effect: Connected has cross-platform multiplayer capabilities, with a small symbol that indicates which system each person is playing on, so it’s much harder to find a match, at least in theory. It’s easy.We still found that we had to wait on a strange occasion short It’s a few of the less popular modes, but it could be because you were logged on before the switch went on sale. In most cases it wasn’t a problem. Tetris Effect: It’s important to remember that Connected was launched on another system Previous When you switch and arrive at Nintendo’s system, your online usage may increase.

While working on that topic, it’s worth explaining how good Tetris Effect: Connected is on portable devices. Don’t get me wrong-it’s a great game regardless of the system you choose to play it-but very much like the Game Boy version, Tetris Effect: Connected will always benefit greatly from its ability to play it. The title you receive anywhere you like; each session is subtly different and often lasts only a few minutes, so this is a perfect “impulse play” and ideal for bridging the short gaps in your daily schedule.

Plus, the switch port is great. Indeed, it is possible to be very careful when playing on TV, very The slight difference between the Switch version and the Xbox / PlayStation edition (the resolution seems to be slightly lower on the Switch) does not lose its visual impact. For example, when you play the “Ritual Passion” stage, the ember-covered animated figures are just as impressive on Switch as on any other platform. Oh, and if you’re playing with a new shiny switch OLED, the graphics look even more impressive thanks to the improved contrast and bright colors.

The switch port also has some unique new additions. Joy-Con’s HDRumble feature is leveraged through the “Extra Rumble” option. This option adds subtle vibrations when moving the piece left or right. For example, if you move to the left, Joy-Con on the left will rumble. Rumble effects are also added to hard and soft drops. It’s not a breakthrough inclusion, but you can see it all the same, as well as the ability for up to four players to flock around a switch in connected Vs mode. However, this is only available on weekends and during special “full moon” events. .. By the way, the “Weekend Ritual” mode is available every weekend in a 24-hour time frame, allowing players around the world to score points towards community goals. When the community goal is achieved, those who participate with a special avatar will be rewarded. The online features of the game greatly improve the overall experience.