Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Tetris Effect: Connected Receives Another Update on Switch-Includes Visual and Performance Optimization

Nintendo Switch version Tetris Effect: Connected I received another update last week-upgraded to version 1.2.6.

Details were shared on the official support page to reveal overall visual quality and performance optimizations. Apart from this, there are also some fixes and new additions. The details are as follows.

Tetris Effect: Connected-Version 1.2.6 (November 16, 2021)

——– Patch Note V1.2.6 ——–

[SWITCH] Optimized overall visual quality and performance.

[SWITCH] Fixed an issue with JOURNEY MODE. In the first stage of the stage, the frame rate dropped significantly on certain stages (YIN, YANG, etc.).

[SWITCH] Fixed an issue where online matchmaking could fail when waking from sleep.

[SWITCH] Adjusted the sensitivity of the analog stick (Joy-Con) and Pro controller.

[SWITCH] To minimize error messages when playing Journey and Effects modes in airplane mode, or when playing without a network connection when this option is enabled.[オプション]>[ゲームプレイ]Added offline mode to.

[SWITCH] Fixed an issue where scores would not be registered in the rankings in certain cases when playing JOURNEY MODE and EFFECT MODES and waking from sleep.

[SWITCH] Fixed an issue with LOCAL MATCH where additional controllers could weaken the rumble when playing on multiple controllers.

[ALL] Fixed an issue with MULTIPLAYER where the default camera position would be zoomed out more when OPTIONS> GAMEPLAY> ADJUSTABLE CAMERA was OFF.

[ALL] Fixed an issue in CONNECTED / CONNECTED VS where the game could soft rock when a player tops out and enters the zone at the same time.

[ALL] Fixed a local match issue where the camera would zoom in or out (with a new action) when assigning an action to UP or DOWN on the analog stick with PLAYER OPTIONS> CUSTOMIZE CONTROLS.

Other minor tweaks and bug fixes.


[SWITCH] If you change the Nintendo Switch system clock to a future time, post your score in online multiplayer, and then reset it, your score may not be updated in online multiplayer. Do not change the system clock when playing online multiplayer.

Did you download the latest update for Tetris Effect: Connected on Switch? Did you notice anything else? Please comment below.