Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Teacups are now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S

Hey there! Are you tired of a busy week at work? Want to take some time to relax? Maybe you want to curl up with a good book and a nice hot tea. Or maybe you’re looking for a stress-free gaming experience to share with your kids. If any of them sound relaxed, I have great news! We are proud to share the latest titles of Whitethorn developed by Smarto Club. Bowl, It is here.

of Bowl, A shy little frog of the same name, is hosting a tea party for all her friends. But the day before the party, she opened the pantry and found that herbs were completely gone! With the map in hand, in less than a day she needs to embark on a quest to replenish her pantry. A journal of botanical information and recipes will help her search the Little Pond community to collect the herbs she needs to make tea.


The beautifully depicted fairy tale environment is the home of the cast of fascinating inhabitants of the forest. As you lead the teacup to her journey, you will meet and interact with these adorable creatures! Some are talkative and some are moody, but all help her in her quest … in exchange for grace. Whether you help organize an interesting form of stall or win a swimming race, our teacups take on the challenge!


Start your kettle and choose your favorite herbal blend! An even more cute little story adventure game starring a cute little frog is available on Xbox today! Embark on an epic quest through her home in Little Pond while traveling to save her tea party! On behalf of our friends at Whitethorn and Smarto Club, we hope you enjoy a warm and cozy experience. Bowl..

Xbox Live


White Thorn Digital



$ 9.99

Teacup is a short, healthy narrative adventure game with a focus on exploration and non-linear progression. You are playing as a shy and introverted young frog, the famous teacup, who loves to drink tea and read. The day before the tea party at home, you realize that your tea is completely gone and you have to step into the surrounding forest to find the herbs that need to be replenished in your pantry. During your adventure, you will meet the fascinating inhabitants of the forest. Some are talkative and some are moody, but they all listen to your adventures. Explore this gorgeous watercolor world filled with friendly animals, playful mini-games, puzzles and beautiful and soothing wilderness.