Friday, September 17th, 2021

Talking point: With Sony and Microsoft in the next generation of Limbo, E3 is Nintendo’s goal

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This is a strange time for the game, especially when your main platform of choice is PlayStation or Xbox. Although hysterical images often appear on social media, both systems do have a lot of games to play. What PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S do not have is too many new “next generation” exclusive products.

Microsoft’s system is almost non-existent, at least from a first-party point of view, but it allows players to be very satisfied with multi-platform games and growing game passes. There are a few acclaimed exclusive games on PS5, despite the controversy surrounding pricing, return Is a good example.

In any case, now that we are close to mid-2021, the first-party release plans of Nintendo’s two platform competitors are relatively thin.Sony “delayed” Ares Gods Twilight with Sports car 7 By 2022, although the previous suggestion that either of the two will actually arrive this year always seems quite fantasy; its goal is to fill this year’s blockbuster quota Horizon Forbidden WestMost importantly, these games will also land on PS4, surprisingly the first two games; this is a topic Some heated debateThis is also in the context of Sony not participating in E3, so these announcements were made before the industry event.

However, perhaps the most important point is that the stock is extremely It’s hard to find a new game console, and it may stay that way for most of this year.

Xbox will have an E3 showcase-along with the recently acquired Bethesda-and probably Microsoft Flight Simulator, Halo infinite, Spirit Flyer 2 And, well, it can squeeze out anything else in 2021. This is against the background of relatively calm in the first half of this year. Remember, although we have no doubt that these two powers will have some surprises, as far as new software is concerned, the rate of decline of these systems in the first year will be quite slow; the current The global environment certainly played an important role in this.However, perhaps the most important point is that the stock is extremely It is difficult to find a new game console, and it may remain in this state for most of this year.

Anyway, this is Nintendo Life, But we are just setting the scene; not in the crappy “console war” way-we think that PS5 and Xbox Series X|S are great systems, they provide something different from the Switch. However, these things are important in the broader prospects of the mainstream gaming industry; as in 2020, Nintendo is still in a favorable position for capitalization.

Although Nintendo’s sales forecasts for this year have declined compared with the boom driven by Animal Crossing in 2020, they are still very high. So why not? Even if we do not consider rolling rumors about hardware revisions/upgrades (more than two years!), the momentum of Nintendo’s Switch is still impressive. Like all technology companies, the company has faced and will still have to deal with potential manufacturing challenges, but with its established processes and user base, it can keep improving.

This is also when the relative lack of grunt in the Switch is also beneficial. It is a hybrid portable device, so the game can reach up to 1080p, and the expectations for visual fidelity and performance are moderate. You won’t see Digital Foundry breaking Miitopia ports or counting pixels in New Pokémon Snap or Famicom Detective games, but these games look good on the system and are typical Nintendo fun. In addition, the gems of the eShop and some very reliable third-party versions-an obvious highlight is the rise of Monster Hunter-there are good things to play in the first half of this year.

This artwork beautifully captures the iconic moment of The Legend of Zelda: Sword of the Sky
This artwork beautifully captures the iconic moment of The Legend of Zelda: Sword of the Sky (Photo: Nintendo)

As it did in the first year of the console, Nintendo will launch a “big” game almost every month, Mario Golf: Super Sprint and The Legend of Zelda: Sky Sword HD coming soon, interesting game generation The garage is coming soon before these two. This brings us to August and September, and the upcoming E3 Direct will have a real chance to shine.

We already have Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl coming on lucrative holidays, but there is no doubt that E3 Direct will fill some other gaps; Nintendo usually only allows a few months from release to release of various games. For example, will there be other games to celebrate the anniversary of The Legend of Zelda? We suggest that this year’s “Breath of the Wild 2” feels unlikely, but a smaller release or another “high-definition” remake seems wise. As always, there are whispers about the new Metroid game, although it might be an understatement to say that Metroid Prime 4 may still be “very far away”. But this is Nintendo, the version that someone will really think of. Although many people seem to think that they are prolific leakers of industry secrets, Nintendo has recently managed to surprise us.

Nintendo, just like the way Satoshi Iwata has shifted its focus to DS and Wii, can provide an experience that focuses more on smart design and fun games.

Again, this ignores the third-party version, which has a lot of excitement. No More Heroes III appears on many wish lists, that’s for sure, and there are more RPGs coming out soon than we dare to count. Although Nintendo’s internal development team will experience the same daunting challenges and process changes as other major studios in the past 15 months, most of them have not made large-scale 4K open-world games and are afforded to provide luxurious visuals The effect of pressure. Nintendo, just like the way Satoshi Iwata has shifted its focus to DS and Wii, can provide an experience that is more focused on smart design and fun games without expecting to break the boundaries of technology.

With the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S seemingly stalled, as platform holders are waiting for their exclusive games to be completed, and it is even difficult to meet the demand for hardware, Nintendo has a unique opportunity to use its software to seize the day . With the strong performance of E3 and the continuing logistical challenges faced by its mainframe competitors, 2021 may be another year full of vitality and dominance for Switch.

We are very happy to see how the schedule for the rest of the year will be after the end of E3 Nintendo Direct. As always, let us know if you share our optimism in the comments!