Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Talking point: When did the last game break your top five?

Even Apollo agrees with me
Even Apollo agrees with me

As Abraham Lincoln once said: “Boy, do I like great video games?” But since his time, how many of them have actually changed people’s lives? How many video games can we really describe as “Redemption of Shawshank Redd of shmups” or “The Shrek 2 of JRPGs”? Well, dear readers, I told you the answer.

We all have different tastes in games, but all of us (hopefully) also have the top three in history, engraved in ours along with our favorite food (eggs) and our favorite operating system (Windows 95) In the brain, this is used as a mark of our personality. For reference, my mine usually includes Fantasy Life, Ghost Trick, Dragon Age: Inquisition, “The Legend of Zelda: Malola’s Mask” and “Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Gate”, but according to my mood, sometimes Apollo Justice (Apollo Justice) can sneak into it.

I give 94% support to
I gave 94% support to Life Fantasy in the official Nintendo magazine,

But Fantasy Life is the game of 2012. Ghost Trick is 10 years old. The adventures of Apollo Justice (Apollo Justice) came out in 2007. Paper Mario: TTYD is about the same twenty, And Majora’s masks are old enough to drink in the United States. “Dragon Age: The Trial” is the latest one. It was released in 2014. Mad Max: Fury Road, Third Star wars The trilogy, and the jar of olives I kept in the fridge.

What does it mean? Are my favorite games dominated by those with fuzzy nostalgic effects? Or are we just having not watched a good game in the past ten years?

I am not attracted by the art of
I was not attracted by the art of Killing Spire, but this is just a creepy game

obviously This is not true. In the past few years, I absolutely love a lot of games, including “Killing Tower” in 2019, last year’s disco concert hall and the fantastic “Legends of Edith Finch” since 2017. In addition, since I am a terrible procrastinator, I own (not released yet) the recently released “Haven Killer” and “Genesis”, but I am 100% sure that I will fall in love with them too. My tastes are great, thank you very much, even though other employees obviously think I’m just playing farming games. cry.

But none of them broke into the top five, but it is true that this is absolutely arbitrary. In fact, many games in 2019 and beyond may enter my top ten!And rest assured, there are more arguments on this topic indeed It’s not that “it’s been a bit of pants since 2014”, but it’s clear that no competition can catch my heartstrings like my top five. Especially the latest Paper Marios. The less you say to them, the better. Double sobbing.

I will give the Origami King a pass, but I miss the battle of TTYD.
I will give the Origami King a pass, but I miss the battle of TTYD.

(Relatedly, I just found out that only two of the top five games are games I must review. Well. I want to know if it makes sense.)

So, dear viewers of Nintendo Life, I turn to you: when used to be Did the last game become your favorite?

Tell us your top five in the comments below!