Monday, September 20th, 2021

Talking point: What is a Switch game that you can’t delete?

I finally reached the point where almost every new game I downloaded to my Switch gave me the same reaction. “No room“,” it said, pointing to the virtual space filled with games I haven’t touched in months or even years. “Where should I put this? Why not throw away the old things? “

Listen, Nintendo Switch.You’re not my mother even if you are, i will tell you you just don’t understanding ——In a way, all these games are sacred to me. I only completed 2/3 of Luigi’s Mansion 3, and I might finish it one day! I know I haven’t finished Paper Mario: The Origami King, but when I am not so annoyed by the battle, I want to return to it! Don’t even talk to me about Breath of the Wild. As long as I don’t delete it-all 13 gigabytes that take up space-there is still hope for a more beautiful adventure on that stunning open plain.

Archiving software? Or delete?

But even if I know I don’t know how to play them, keeping the old games is just another type of virtual hoarding, right?Keep a bunch of big games, I’m a little hypocritical just because of Just last month, I said that “Resident Evil 4” taught me not to be obsessed with things.I’m a fool who keeps things by my side just in case, But that rainy day will never appear. I don’t think I will return to Breath of the Wild anytime soon, if I do, I don’t mind having to start a new save file anyway.

I just can't do it!

So, do I keep these games alone, taking up valuable space on my SD card? In any case, why should we do this? My theory is that deleting games (or archiving them) feels like sending them explicitly into the past, turning them into memories and nostalgia. Once we do this, we will leave that part of our life behind and move on-acknowledging that life itself is also moving forward. By clinging to our most precious memory-in this case, represented by a large amount of data-we refuse to move on, refuse to admit that we have changed and that we are no longer children.

Or, maybe, I just evade. Probably that’s it.

But maybe I am not the only one who refuses to put away toys forever! Tell me: do you have at least one Switch game that you won’t delete, or—worse—do you have a lot of games that you refuse to let go?