Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Talking point: The new Super Mario Bros. is 15 years old and still great

The new Super Mario Bros. is now 15 years old, hooray! But it is not always universally loved, so our critic Stuart Gipp explained why it is actually an underrated classic.

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considering The best-selling Nintendo DS game of all time -Transferring more than 30 million copies worldwide-is still a title that I think is underestimated. If anything, it is regarded as a formative item in the split series, and is thought to have never really evolved.

That’s it- nSuper Mario Bros It has never been about evolution. The clue is the name. New Super Mario Bros. It is not so much a prelude to the series, as it is an evocative memory.Refinement of constituent elements Super Mario Bros The most acclaimed platform game series of all time. There is no doubt that the champion won, which is the best in history.

This is not to say that New Super Mario Bros. did not introduce new variables into the 2D Mario equation. After all, since the groundbreaking world in the 1990s, the world has never seen any new traditional 2D Mario title at the time of its release. Super Mario World (Although it entered North America in 1991 and the European Union in 1992).One can split the hair to indicate the level of the e-reader Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, But those products considered to be novel – bonus features.This is a big gap, and “New Super Mario Bros.” is the real deal-brand new (brand old?), aimed at recreating the essence of Nintendo’s well-known series.