Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Talking point: Nintendo’s quirky creativity doesn’t always pay off on the Switch, but it’s important

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Nintendo is currently in a particularly advantageous position in the gaming industry-it is a very popular and widely watched brand, and the company is still selling tens of millions of systems every year-at this stage-production costs will increase The lower. When you adopt relatively old, off-the-shelf technology and sell it at a high profit, you will get amazing profits.

But, of course, you don’t have to go back very far to find a completely different period in the company. In fact, the previous generation of 3DS was so badly launched that only a sharp price cut and some key blockbuster games helped it turn around in the first year; nevertheless, it still did not come close to matching its portable predecessor. At the same time, there is Wii U, also There is a disastrous start that can never be reversed-unless you want to bring Virtual Boy into it, this is Nintendo’s biggest hardware failure as a company.

We propose this for two reasons-one is that it is recent history, and it is worth remembering that Nintendo is not-and will not always be-omnipotent. Secondly, it would not be surprising if Nintendo was too cautious in the recently burnt-out Switch era; however, in reality, things didn’t pass that way.

It can be said that some aspects of Nintendo’s activities are very cautious-we have seen our share in sequels and transplants, that’s for sure. However, when you look back on recent years, Nintendo also has a lot of creativity and quirky ambitions. Sometimes it does not bring significant sales, but it highlights the innovation and fun culture that still exists within Nintendo, which is a good reflection of the company’s senior management and upcoming stars.

Labo Piano© Nintendo

Due to limited success, some flames were briefly ignited before appearing to be extinguished.Yes we are considering Nintendo Lab, A weird cardboard-based build kit that can create all kinds of weird controllers and mini games.If we are to pick on strategic flaws, it may be too much The packaging time is relatively short and the price is expensive, which may slightly distort the market. The sales of the first kit did exceed 1 million, but it feels like Nintendo launched the follow-up kit too quickly, reducing any sense of anticipation and making the effort feel very expensive.

However, some structures are pleasing, such as wheels or pianos that can be used in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe practical workThe VR package is also very attractive, although the basic technology always has a limited impact.

However, a legacy of Labo VR is particularly Game Builder Garage, A derivative product of the expansion pack software. Game Builder Garage is still very new in the market, we will see its sales, but at least it is an interesting and effective tool set, almost anyone can make and share games. Some of the creativity we have seen from software users is outstanding, and eager budding programmers pay tribute to classic and new smart games.

Mario Kart Live© Nintendo

Mario Kart Live: Family Circuit It’s another private release-for many people, revealing the secret will trigger the following reaction: “Oh, Mario Kart! Oh, it…has little toy cars.”Due to the relatively high price and inherent limitations of the format (needing space and setup troubles), this is an interesting toy that did not cause headline sales, but in Nintendo’s financial performance Have done As of the end of March, global sales reached 1.27 million units. This is much lower than the staggering 10.62 million sales of the evergreen version of Mario Kart 8 Luxury Edition last fiscal year, but as a relatively expensive toy product, it is still good. Products like this, even if they are not among Nintendo’s best-selling products, will help to continue to increase brand awareness.

A weird project Have done There is no doubt that under the unique circumstances of 2020, the real take-off is Ring suitable for adventure. Let us say exactly how weird this product is-it is a relatively standard yoga ring with Joy-Con attachments and leg straps. Of course, its selling point is that without a certain exercise group, class or yoga knowledge, a separate yoga ring is quite boring and meaningless. Ring Fit Adventure combines this simple accessory with other activities (with the help of leg strap + Joy-Con), colorful and fun mini games and even story mode. This is the classic Nintendo-get simple ready-made items and transform them with software and hardware.

Ring Fit Adventure is a classic Nintendo game-use simple ready-made items and convert them through software and hardware.

Ring Fit Adventure’s total sales increased by 7.38 million units in the previous fiscal year, representing 10.11 million As of March 31.

It’s also pleasing that Nintendo has been focusing on new franchises moving forward, even if it re-examines the past to make fans happy with things like that. Metroid Fear with Advance Wars 1+2: Retraining campNintendo bluntly stated that it is always looking for new ideas that can become the “main series” in the future. arms It may not have been done recently, but let’s not forget Splatoon Overcome Wii U’s struggle to become a big brand.

The good news is that the success of Ring Fit Adventure and even the gentle return of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit should ensure that Nintendo toy The company continues to be serious. Although Nintendo Labo came too soon and left too early, for some of us, it is an unforgettable part of this generation. These types of items are also important because they are typical Nintendo and are different from those offered elsewhere.

This is a unique selling point and ultimately good news for Nintendo’s shareholders. More importantly, this should mean that the company’s creative team can continue to shine.