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Talking point: If Nintendo releases them, will you play virtual boy games in 2021?

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Nintendo’s Virtual Boy is an undisputedly weird system, although mentioning its name will cause a significantly different reaction. For many people, this small non-HMD desktop is just a slogan. An interesting and blinking example of Nintendo playing with it, the idea that Nintendo played with was destroyed from the beginning due to hopeless component technology. For others, this black and red 32-bit experiment was a brave failure and a console antique that still caused the pain of nostalgia futuristic nostalgia and hardware fetishism.

For European Nintendo fans, it can be said to be more than a pure retro game freak.Virtual boy is A mystery —We have heard of the Nintendo console, but never experienced it personally. Of course, many Japanese and North American gamers will joke that we dodged a bullet in this game, but the history of consoles and the small library of only 22 games still attracts those who have never had a chance to see how “bad” it is. “The game fan really is.It is still a Nintendo product, no matter how much effort the company puts in, it must have something It’s interesting for such a weird console.

Yes, there are some gems in the slender library of Virtual Boy, although few people will play it. However, Nintendo has many opportunities to showcase them.

The arrival of 3DS is an excellent opportunity for everyone to participate in “secret” games, and a small compilation of the best Virtual Boy games will allow the taste of the new generation of consoles to be boldly described as ahead of it. Time-or at least ahead of the affordable consumer technology needed to make it successful. Even in areas where Virtual Boy does see the light, its sales are so poor that many players will not have the opportunity to try games like Teleroboxer or the excellent Virtual Boy Wario Land.

Therefore, there are several ports (even along Excellent 3D classic) On a successful handheld console, the console has Built-in glasses-free auto stereo 3D It seems effortless, right? correct? Obviously not, because 3DS Virtual Boy compilation has never been implemented.

Then, we got a little Easter egg in the Labo VR kit (another “crazy” Nintendo experiment), and we dared to dream that it might indicate a bit of a compiled version. No big deal, just a tribute to Nintendo’s VR history. But no, it’s not a bean.

It would be wrong to say that Nintendo completely ignored the system and its libraries. The Virtual Boo in Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a wonderful gift to pay tribute to the 25-year-old game console. It’s not that you can play games on it-maybe it’s too scary for a family-friendly scare masterpiece.

We are kidding! The point is that we really want to be able to play these games again, remember? Recently, we have seen fans take the situation in their own hands, from game console modules output to the TV to full simulation using modern VR headsets such as Oculus Rift. It’s really encouraging to see fans being able to access these locked retro treasures, but we would love to see Nintendo itself launch some official products. Time has passed; since the mid-90s, we have seen the company go up and down a few times on the console roller coaster-undoubtedly, this is the perfect time to capitalize on the nostalgia of the 90s.

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So, how can Nintendo make VB software accessible again? Well, any 3DS version of this ship has been flown, but Nintendo Switch Online feels like the ideal place to showcase these games. Of course, we are still waiting for the emergence of N64 games, not to mention Game Boy, GBA, etc.-and further additions to the existing library-but the Virtual Boy package containing Mario Clash, Mario Tennis and other exclusive products published by Nintendo will be For long-term retro fans and enthusiasts, this is a treat. Put in some Labo VR support to provide a more “real” experience, and we walked the whole circle in the weird Nintendo-ass experiment.

We will seize the opportunity to relive this interesting period in the company’s history. You can? Let us know in the polls below.

It is estimated that these “forgotten” games should keep them where, we are barking desperately trying to contact them? If you were on the Switch, which Virtual Boy games would you launch? Let us know below.

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