Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Talking point: Do you replay the game?

I had some conversations when I was a kid, and for whatever reason, I still remember them clearly. I remember that the discussion I had when I was a child was very strange, because my brain transplanted an adult me ‚Äč‚Äčinto the memory, because that was my perception of myself, and then I was just a big person, and I was talking with a very small person about whether it was a hot dog or not. It is made of dogs.

In any case, one of the conversations I still remember with the crystal clear lakes of Switzerland was with a girl named Jessica. It looks like this:

Kate: So, I read Harry Potter for the second time, and-
Jessica: What do you mean the second time? Why do you want to read it twice?
Kate: …why not?
Jessica: You already know the story.
Kate: Yes, but I forgot a little.
Jessica: It’s so stupid.

Since that day, after that decisive debate, I have always believed that the world is firmly divided into two categories: the first category of people do not care about rereading, rereading or replaying some of their favorite stories, and the first category of people would rather spend time witnessing the new thing. Now, to be fair, Jessica’s conversation took place when we were about eight years old, and I have no doubt that she has watched at least two movies since then, but I’m still curious.

I will play Resident Evil 4 again, so I can watch Ashley being eaten
I will play Resident Evil 4 again, so I can watch Ashley being eaten

I played Dragon Age: Inquisition It needs to be done at least three times, and it takes countless times to complete. That’s really children’s play- Some people have played Mass Effect more than 30 times. My partner is trying another “Dark Soul” game almost anytime, and he is now trying to get me to replay “Ocarina of Time” so that I can beat Cannon correctly (I know, I know! Sorry).

In fact, our Cute blue girl website Push Square Wrote articles about the experience and opinions of replaying the game. Liam said that he is not a replay type because he is “almost always looking forward to the next one”-“I just can’t understand why you spend a lot of time producing titles that have already been seen instead of completing the title checking new content.” He says. So at least I know that Jessica is right-some people there don’t repeat it!She doesn’t have to Stingy About it, but hey, this is what Jessica looked like when she was eight years old.

But games are more interesting than movies and books, aren’t they? There are branch options, scenes you might miss, and relationships you might want to play in different ways. Even if you do discover some new details here and there, you will not get roughly the same experience as a book or a movie. There are many reasons to replay a game, even if it’s just a specific “comfort game”, you can stick to it as long as you feel a little sad.

I need to play
I need to play “The Witcher 3” again because I was a bad dad the first time I played the game

But it does make me feel inside at least. Why should I play games that I understand backwards instead of solving a lot of games that I haven’t played at all? Am I enjoying something I already know I will love, or just avoiding it? Is my video game equivalent to a kid who only eats chicken nuggets, because there are other unknown and frightening things?

So, tell us: Are you replaying the game? Or are you always working on the next big thing?

But please don’t leave-I want to know more.Replaying the game is not that After all, it’s weird.So this is another poll, because everyone likes polls: what makes you More likely Replay the game?

Finally, what do you think of Jessica?