Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Tales of Arise has already hit an impressive sales milestone

Tales of Arise has already achieved impressive sales milestones less than a week after its release. BANDAI NAMCO announced today that the latest Tales of Arise long-run series has exceeded 1 million copies worldwide, “a few days after its release.” This makes it the best-selling title in the franchise.

With the sale of 1 million Tales of Arise, the total sales of the series will be a very good 25 million.

“I’m very proud and humble to see fans and rookie receptions playing Tales of Arise,” said producer Yusuke Tomizawa. “Our goal in this title was to open the franchise to as many players as possible while maintaining its Tales of DNA and uniqueness, which allowed the franchise to remain strong for over 25 years. Thank you for your support. ”

Opening the franchise to as many players as possible was essentially the result of a Tales Interview with IGN, Tomizawa said, Tales of Arise is “a reboot in the sense that we want former Tales fans to return to this game, and a new player with these amazing new graphics, visuals, aesthetics and all the great features. Is to attract “”

Screen-Tales of Arise

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