update: according to Bloomberg ReportThe unreleased game in question was developed by Hangar 13 and was codenamed Volt.

The report further states that the game has been in development since 2017, with reboots, technical issues, and COVID-19 issues. Studio employees will meet on Thursday to discuss the next steps.


The game is always canceled. You may hear about the game in official announcements and reports, but it’s often canceled before the news is reached. In today’s Take-Two revenue, we rarely got a glimpse of this process. This revealed that canceling the game without notice would cost the company $ 53 million.

The company cites the cancellation of revenue as part of “impairment costs”. This means that in such a release, the company had assets that were expected to be much less valuable than previously valued. For example, suppose GameStop buys a lot of amiibo and expects to sell it for a certain amount of money. Suddenly, Nintendo canceled the game’s amiibo support and no one wanted to buy those amiibo. GameStop may report an impairment loss of the amount that amiibo is expected to lose by applying a significant discount just to get it out of the warehouse.

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In the case of Take-Two, this effectively means spending about $ 53 million on the game you’re working on, but you no longer expect to spend that money on anything that sells. ..

When asked to comment, Take-Two refused to reveal details about what the canceled game was. Revenue showed that the title wasn’t announced, but there’s no evidence to confirm this, but one possibility is that it was the long-awaited Bully 2. Another possibility is the Agent, the Cold War spy thriller first announced at E3 2009. The website was closed last month without explanation. It also appears to have been removed from the Rockstar Games section of the website, and its trademark was abandoned in 2018.

In any case, $ 53 million is a lot of money lost in the game, even if the company makes only a small portion of the quarterly amount (in this case, the net booking amount is $ 985 million). It’s also an insignificant chunk of what’s needed to make some of Take-Two’s biggest titles.For example, Borderlands 3 Cost of about $ 95 million In addition, we’ve added $ 140 million to the DLC, which is reported to have significantly exceeded our budget.

Whatever it is, Take-Two will have more games on the deck over the next few years, and will continue to increase game production, including 2K sports titles and GTA 5-like “immersive core” releases. I have been teaching. If you lose one game you didn’t know you had, more games will be queued to replace it.

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