Friday, September 17th, 2021

Taito Milestones is a series of arcade file titles that are about to switch

© Taitung Company

The Arcade Archives series has always been an important part of the Nintendo Switch retro scene, and its title range is impressive. Taito has released its share and is now planning to launch Taitung Milestone As a collection of classic works from the 1980s.

Will be released in Japan in February 2022, initially in Faguang (Thank you​​, Kamamatsu), so of course we hope to see localized versions released in the future.Co-produced with Arcade Archive port master HAMSTER, it includes the following eight games-only Chack’n pop music The eShop has not been released yet.

  • Ninja Warrior
  • Halley’s Comet
  • Fairyland story
  • Chack’n pop music
  • Elevator action
  • Alpine skiing
  • Wild west
  • front

The design of the official website and the Famitsu article highlight the possibility that there may be more headlines in the future; it is not yet clear, but it seems that a similar approach can be adopted Capcom Arcade Stadium.

If you want to see it released outside of Japan, please let us know!