Image: Taito

United Games Entertainment, a subsidiary of Strictly Limited Games / ININGames, has announced that it will sell the Taito Egret II Mini in the west.

This arcade-focused microsystem features a rotating 5-inch screen and will be released in the new year. The Japanese version is scheduled for release on March 2, 2022, and you can find out where to pre-order that version here.

The games included are:

  1. Adventure Canoe (1982)
  2. Bubble Bobble (1986)
  3. Bubble Memories (1995)
  4. Bubble Symphony (1994)
  5. Cadash (1989)
  6. Chack’n Pop (1983)
  7. Dan-Ku-Ga (Unreleased Kaiser Knuckle Update, 1995)
  8. Darius Gaiden (1994)
  9. Don Doko Don (1989)
  10. Elevator action (1983)
  11. Elevator Action Returns (1994)
  12. Fairyland Story (1985)
  13. Growl (1990)
  14. Gun Frontier (1990)
  15. Halley’s Comet (1986)
  16. Hat Trick Hero (1990)
  17. Kaiser Knuckle (1994)
  18. Kiki KaiKai (1986)
  19. The Legend of Kage (1985)
  20. Liquid Kids Adventure (1990)
  21. Lunar Rescue (1979)
  22. Lupine III (1980)
  23. Metal Black (1991)
  24. The NewZealand Story (1988)
  25. Ninja Kids (1990)
  26. Outer Zone (1984)
  27. Pirates Pete (1982)
  28. Puzzle Bobble 2X (1995)
  29. Qix (1981)
  30. Raimais (1988)
  31. Rainbow Island Extra (1988)
  32. Rastan Saga (1987)
  33. Rayforce (1993)
  34. Scramble Formation (1986)
  35. Space Invader (1978)
  36. Steel Worker (1980)
  37. Tatsujin (1988)
  38. Twin Cobra (1987)
  39. Violence Fight (1989)
  40. Volfied (1989)
  41. Arkanoid (1986)-with trackpad add-on
  42. Arkanoid Returns (1997)-with trackpad add-on
  43. Arkanoid: Revenge of DOH (1987)-with trackpad add-on
  44. Birdie King (1982)-with trackpad add-on
  45. Cameltry (1989)-with trackpad add-on
  46. Marine Date (1981)-with trackpad add-on
  47. Plump Pop (1987)-with trackpad add-on
  48. Puchi Carat (1997)-with trackpad add-on
  49. Strike Bowling (1982)-with trackpad add-on
  50. Syvalion (1988)-with trackpad add-on

Here are some PRs:

The ever-expanding German media publisher United Game Entertainment, With two game publishing labels, ININ game When Strictly restricted gamesWith an exciting announcement, we are moving to 2022. Secured the exclusive right to distribute TAITO EGRETII mini In North America and Europe! The home version of the famous arcade cabinet will be available in various limited editions for the Western region from 2022.

Good news for all fans who are keen to order consoles that haven’t been released yet directly from Japan.With this exciting announcement United Game EntertainmentExclusively distributing and selling Taito titles both digitally and physically in the West, with one of Japan’s most iconic video game companies, famous for legendary games such as Space Invaders and Bubble Bobble. We continue to expand our relationships.

The EGRET II mini is a loyal miniaturized version of the original successful arcade cabinet TAITO EGRET II, ​​with special content and features that are “must have” for gamers.

–Total 40 pre-installed games, Space Invader, Lunar Rescue, Bubble Bobble, Darius Gaiden and other masterpieces
-5 inches 4: 3 Rotating screen (1024×768 resolution) Horizontal and vertical placement and optimal adaptation to selected games
―――― Individually adjustable joystick Easily switch from -8 directions to 4 directions for each game
―――― HDMI output Play games on TV
―――― Two USB Type-A controller ports For various EGRET II mini controllers (sold separately)
-Power inlet via USB Type-C port
―――― SD card slot To add more games
-Original integrated sound Stereo speakers
Instruction panel For replaceable instruction cards
―――― Special in-game features Like: Save state, adjustable life and rapid fire

In addition to the 40 games pre-installed on the console, you can add 10 additional games via the SD card included in the EGRET II mini paddle and trackball game expansion set. It comes with Strike Bowling, Arkanoid, Plump Pop and 7 other TAITOs. Classic.

This will bring together 50 games from different genres from 1978 to 1997 and will be available with the launch of the EGRET II mini.