Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Switchblade breaks out with new game modes in the latest Rogue Company update

Continue your journey Rogue company There are new thieves and new game modes in the second season!

Rogue companyThe latest rogue Switchblade is a short fuse in a leather jacket, cutting a line of fire on those who oppose her. Running and hunting since childhood, Switchblade has been satisfied with the comfort of being alone. She is self-taught and very deadly; a master of survival and fighting. However, everyone she contacted eventually died, so when Rogue Company provided protection and information, she couldn’t refuse.

Don’t bring knives to the gunfight; bring napalm! Use Switchblade’s Chaos Launcher to drop a bunch of napalm bombs to destroy your enemies and force them to leave the defensive position.

“The saboteur is Rogue company Designed to break through the enemy’s defenses to launch an offense,” explained Rogue companyChief designer Scott Lussier. “Through Switchblade, we are designing a saboteur that can punish enemies who are fortified in positions of power. Throughout the iteration, we found that in order for Switchblade to achieve our design goals, she needs to have a passivity so that she can follow her. The ability of Switchblade. Switchblade’s passive is called fighting and flying. Whenever she uses skills or gadgets, she will gain explosive movement speed, which allows her to narrow the gap with the enemy team. This passive allows her to be truly good at Punish enemies who squat in strong defensive positions on the entire map.”

This update also includes a brand new 6v6 game mode, full of dynamic! 6v6 Team Deathmatch replaces Extraction as the core game mode.A new limited-time game mode, 6v6 King of the Hill, has also joined the queue Rogue company. Come and join these new game modes!

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