Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Switch Overwatch players can now collaborate with Xbox, PlayStation, and PC heroes

Overwatch Recently, some major announcements were made under the leadership of the new game director, Aaron Keller, and today ushered in the long-awaited update: cross-play.

Yes, Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC heroes can now play together. Please note that it is still technically in beta. In order to participate in cross-platform games, players need to access a account created for free. From here, you must associate your console game with your account (PC players obviously don’t need to do this), and then log in.

Players do not have to choose to participate in cross-play, and it is worth noting that this new feature does not include cross-process. In other words, your progress and favorite content will not continue between sessions on different systems.In competitive matchmaking, PC players and host players will Is not Competitive competitions are mixed in the same pool.

You can read the full text Cross-play FAQ on Blizzard website. Will you try the new cross-play feature in Overwatch? Leave a comment below.