Monday, November 29th, 2021

Switch Online subscribers can immediately play “Story of Seasons Olive Town Pioneer” for free (Europe)

European Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will soon be able to check out the Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town for free for a limited time.

Marvelous Farming Sim is the latest title offered as a game trial (an event where Switch Online subscribers can download the entire game and play it for a period of time). The game was actually offered as a free trial in North America in September, so it’s great to see European fans join in and check it out.

This game trial offer will be available from November 10th to 16th, but you can also download the software now. Unlike regular free demos, you can play the entire game without restrictions until the end of the game trial period.

Before diving, you can find a complete review of Olive Town’s pioneers here. To download the trial version, make sure you’re signed in with an account registered for Nintendo’s online service. Visit the “Nintendo Switch Online” section of the eShop.