Thursday, May 19th, 2022

Switch OLEDs are off to a modest start in Japan due to low inventory levels

Image: Nintendo

Combining social media indicators with early sales data available in the UK has shown a steady start for the Switch OLED model in a week. However, now that Japanese sales data has come out, the system seems to have hit the road.

This issue is not popular, but it seems to be related to manufacturing issues and perhaps Nintendo’s strategic errors. Bloomberg We shared an interesting report on Famitsu’s sales. This indicates that the launch of OLED was lower than the original model and Lite model in Japan. However, domestic pre-orders sold out quickly, indicating that Nintendo’s failure to meet demand was a problem.

  • OLED sale sale-138,409
  • Light Launch Sales-177,936
  • Original switch sale sale-330,637

Due to the demand for OLED models, many stores in Japan are reported to have implemented lottery systems to determine who can buy them. Some of the manufacturing problems may be due to a shortage of chips and parts, which are affecting the wider technology industry in the world. In addition, Bloomberg emphasized “assembly partner executives”, suggesting that Nintendo’s split manufacturing between Standard, Light and OLED models shows limited confidence in the demand for new models. doing.

When OLED was announced, reception in some quarters was certainly lukewarm, based on what the device was. Do not Please bring it to the table. The tone seems to have shifted more positively in the last few weeks, but early reactions to the system may have driven Nintendo to create a very modest amount of inventory. It may also have given the company a little more equity priority over its highly profitable markets, North America and Europe.

It’s definitely a combination of factors, but there is a shortage of systems in the Japanese market. Demand for older models has also weakened, raising concerns that if the momentum slows too much, Nintendo may have too many unsold systems. Of course, with the best shopping season in the world coming, Nintendo expects demand for all models as people look for gifts.

Anyway, Switch OLEDs are currently very popular in Japan and not enough to meet the demand.