Paradox Interactive and developer Iceflake Studios first appeared in Mini Nintendo Direct about a year ago. Survive the aftermath, A fairly intriguing strategic title. Now, after a long time of early access on PC, which contributed to 20 major updates based on community feedback, we are ready to move to version 1.0 and join the Switch eShop. Arriving on November 16th, the price is $ 29.99 USD / £ 26.99 GBP / € 29.99 EUR.

Its latest review On Steam It’s interesting to see how it stacks up on Nintendo’s system, as it points out that the game has improved and improved considerably. As you can imagine, trying to survive and prosper after an “event that ends the world” can be quite difficult. Check out some of the official descriptions below.

-Colony Construction and Management: Build and manage survivor colonies after the end of the world event. Build over 130 buildings and survive the harsh and dangerous world. Get ready. Natural and environmental disasters can ruin poorly equipped settlements.
-Recruiting and Managing Specialists: Recruit over 80 unique specialists, each with their own skills and motivations, to manage the resources of the colony. Equip your specialists to protect your colony from bandit attacks and rampaging wildlife.
-Explore the world of procedural generation: Send specialists out of the colony into the world of procedural generation. Meet rival colony leaders to exchange resources or compete for survival. Specialists can set up outposts to collect materials and give colonies an edge.
-Make tough choices: Survival after the apocalypse means making impossible decisions. The fate of a colony depends on your judgment, all choices can affect the well-being of your colony and its future.
-Discover the Truth: Specialists encounter mysteries while exploring the world. Reveal the secrets surrounding the apocalypse and prepare the colony to survive in case it happens again.

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