Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

surprise!Nintendo has released the Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Demo

Continue from Metroid Dread At the demo at the end of last month, Nintendo released another-this time for the next title Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain..

If you’re familiar with the look and sound, it was released during the Nintendo DS era in 2005/06. The new version will arrive on December 3rd and will be priced at US $ 29.99 or equivalent in your area. It also comes with multiplayer and touch screen support.

Thanks to the official game page, I’ll explain this in a little more detail.

Do a series of brain-bending activities to test your mental energy Big Brain Academy ™: Brain vs. Brain For Nintendo Switch ™ system! Play a variety of activities, such as remembering a series of numbers, identifying animals that are slowly focused, and helping you reach your goal with fun and fast activities. Trouble with friends and family in a four-player * match to see who gets the best score. Everyone can play together in a variety of difficulties, so kids can keep themselves against adults in this brain fight!

Get your own Big Brain Brown score with a fun test. Practice certain activities to improve your skills and speed. Of course, you can also prepare for your next multiplayer brain battle and compare your scores with your friends and family. Unlock dozens of in-game avatar costume options, from cat costumes to corn costumes!

Want to see how you match the brains of the world? Switch to Ghost Clash mode and conflict with other users’ data **. Choose from spiritual wonders around the world, people on your friends list, or families who have a profile on the same system. Outside of Ghost Clash mode, check out the rankings to see how Big Brain Brawn matches others.

Would you like to check out this demo before the big release early next month? Please comment below.