Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Super Soccer Blast: America VS Europe Review (Switch eShop)

The severely delayed Euro 2020 tournament is coming soon, and the football fever once again sweeps across the world. There are a few good football games on Switch, but EA launched frankly awkward The “legacy” update of the FIFA series is updated on Switch every year, and there is definitely a gap for the midfield generator or the winning forward. Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe is a straightforward arcade game; a way that is simple and appealing on the whole, but frustrating in terms of authenticity and participation.

This game has taken understandable freedom to its team and player roster, including team names like London replacing the more familiar Chelsea Football Club, and player names completely fabricated to escape UEFA’s anger. Still, the scope of the roster is quite limited, and there are absolutely no options here to change the formation of your team, so what you see is what you get.

There are multiple tournaments available in the main menu, including European countries, America’s Cup, nominal America vs. Europe, and even the controversial Super League. None of them really provide too many unique features, the only difference between them is the choice of the team provided. In addition to this, you can compete quickly with any team of your choice, or create your own tournament from scratch.

Of course, gameplay is the most important feature of football games. Unfortunately, “Super Football Blast” has fallen a lot in this regard.The control layout is very similar to FIFA and Polyetheretherketone: You have mapped the pass/tackling to “A”, the pass/tackling to “Y”, and so on. This is what it is all about, so don’t expect to see any tricks or strategic choices; you get the absolute minimum. To some extent, we can argue that this makes gameplay available to those who may not be ready to accept more realistic and realistic simulation games on the market, but unfortunately, this is not the end of the obvious omission. local.

Most of the core features of a typical football game appear here: corner kicks, out-of-bounds kicks, and free kicks. However, it is puzzling that there is a clear lack of offside rules. not a problem, You might say, but what about the referee? You can easily foul another player by sliding into their feet. Although this will result in a free kick, there is absolutely no risk of permanent punishment; no yellow cards, no red cards-forever. It makes every game feel a little irrelevant, and after a while, it feels like you are doing an action.

In the end, the gameplay just feels a bit farce, chaotic movement, unstable ball control, and poor AI. Its simplicity is immediately appealing, fast matches allow you to have short matches while you are out, but even with its quirky visual style, the freedom of its gameplay makes Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe an unrecommended one. game.