Well, that day has finally arrived-the fighter roster Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Officially completed. Today’s update (version 13.0.0) features Sora, the representative of the last DLC fighter, Kingdom Hearts.

If you have already purchased a second Fighters Pass, just update your copy of the game. Otherwise, Buy new characters in standalone packs From SwitcheShop for $ 5.99 / £ 5.39. However, at the time of writing, there seem to be some issues.

The strong heart of the Fighter Spirit is now available with version 13.0.0. A complete patch note has been released.

This character comes with a new stage (Hollow’s Bastion) and nine theme music tracks from the Kingdom Hearts series. There are also some new Kingdom Hearts-themed spirits that appear in the vault of the shop menu. Take a closer look at everything in the previous post.

Figur's Pass Volume 2
Image: via Nintendo

Have you tried Sora at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? How would you ultimately rate the second Fighters Pass? Please leave a comment below.