Monday, September 20th, 2021

Super rare games change the course of pure physical “shorts”, making them timed exclusives

Unless E3 completely blows up your brain and makes you lose all sense of time, you may remember that on Friday, Super Rare Games-one of the main publishers that helped independent studios release physical games-announced the “Super Rare Shorts”, this is their plan to provide funding for pure entity independent issuance. (If you want more background information, we talked to them on this matter.)

Now, while the physical-only release may be good news for collectors, it is worrisome news for others who are concerned about availability, short pre-order windows, and often being excluded from playing certain games Outside. Friends of the site (and occasionally NL contributors) Chris Scullion Wrote a “worrying precedent”, only the physical version may be set, Also cited Devolver’s similar plan for Demon Throttle:

“I have some concerns about this.

The first one is obvious: with a limited pre-order window-four months in the case of Devolver, and only 30 days in the case of Super Rare-players are basically asked to make these purchases in complete sincerity, without knowing that they are actually What is purchased.

More importantly, there is no room for due diligence. If you are the type who likes to wait for comments, please forget it. When these games are completed and reach the players, the pre-order window no longer exists.

Therefore, if any of these games becomes a mini masterpiece, players will not be able to spread and tell others to check the game, because there is no longer any way to buy it. “

—— Chris Scullion, Chronicles of Video Games

It seems that Scullion’s work-and other criticisms on social media-resonated with gamers because Super Rare Games reviewed their plans over the weekend. “We can protect ourselves stubbornly,” They issued a statement on Twitter saying, “But in the end-the criticism is 100% correct.”

In the statement, they described some of the changes they plan to make to Super Rare Shorts, summarized as follows:

  • These games will no longer be the exclusive physical version of the game, and will continue to be sold Itchy 6 months after physical release
  • The pre-order window has been extended from 4 weeks to 6 weeks

Super Rare Games also took the time to answer some common questions after the release:

  • The digital version on will be DRM-free
  • Super Rare does not own intellectual property rights, so developers are free to make sequels or derivative products
  • Unlimited quantity; they will print as many orders as possible
  • There will be “a lot of advance notice” when the Shorts game is released
  • There will be trailers, information, live broadcasts and Q&A to coincide with the booking window, and early copies will be sent to reviewers
  • The name “shorts” does not necessarily mean that the game is short-they are just more experimental
  • All Shorts content will be complete, and there will never be an update or DLC (although bug fixes may still be needed)
  • There will be 3-4 shorts a year

“Hopefully this resolves the main point being made-again, we are really sorry that this issue was not resolved before we announced Super Rare Shorts,” the statement read.

So what are your thoughts? Are you happy to see Super Rare listening to fan feedback, or do you think a pure physical game is a good idea? Let us know in the comments!