Monday, May 16th, 2022

Super Rare Game Confirms Limited Edition of “1 Bit” Action Platformer Dog World

Dogworld Relatively recently (during the summer), I arrived at the e-shop, a retro-style “1-bit” action platformer. In this platformer, “shoot, jump and slide in a ruined, mysterious, dog-filled world.” This is the latest download title, which will be treated as a limited release by Super Rare Games, and details are available in packages and orders.

See below. 3000 copies will be available on October 28th at 10am (Pacific Standard Time) / 1pm (Eastern Standard Time) / 6pm (BST) / 7pm (Central European Summer Time). Super rare game website..

Image: Super rare game

In a typical super rare gaming tradition, the physical release of this rare print includes all the current content of the cart, full-color manuals, interior artwork, dedicated stickers, and trading cards. Fans don’t have to wait long, as Super Rare game titles ship shortly after launch.

Shoot, jump and slide into a ruined, mysterious, dog-filled world as you fight to save humanity from the hands of a rogue AI named Daddy. Dogworld, some action platformer and some 2D Metroidvania / shooter, is a satisfying retro game that will make you want to keep your pet over and over again.

If you’re exploring in an e-shop or a collector of physical copies of Switch, it looks like a nice game.A little past in the busy summer, but there is a solid set Steam user reviews, for example.

Please let me know if you want to get this.