Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Super Rare Game announces a physical copy of the heartbreaking adventure “The Last Day of June”

“What will you do to save the one you love?” This is the question behind “The Last Day of June,” an emotional adventure that aims to relive the last day of someone’s life and try to change events. If your answer is “Purchase a physical copy of the game and include special collector content”, then we have some good news for you: You can do this!

In collaboration with 505 Games, Super Rare Games-the supplier of all physical and limited editions-is printing 5,000 copies of “The Last Day of June” for Nintendo Switch. The physical version of the game will include:

  • Full color brochure
  • Inner box art
  • Exclusive stickers
  • Three trading cards in a five-card set
Physical version of the last day of JuneSuper rare game

The game will go on sale at 6 p.m. (1 p.m. Eastern Time) on June 30, but sales will reach 5,000 copies and will no longer be printed.You can visit Super rare game website place an order.

We gave the last day of June a rating of 7/10, and were deducted points for its mediocre puzzles, unstable frame rate and repetition, but praised its unique animation, stunning visual effects and beautiful story.